Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Battle of the Bagel (and cream cheese... and some other stuff)

On Thursday night, I went to see my trainer. I go with a friend to cut down on the cost and we love it. It's a great indulgence and our trainer cracks us up (he doesn't actually know that). Despite the fact that half the time it looks like one or both of us might pass out, it's great.

So, on Thursday night, I was bragging about how I get up at 5:30am to go to the gym during the week. I finally admitted that my health, my well-being and my fitness and weight loss goals were not the only motivator. My gym has free bagels and cream cheese for breakfast. So after I workout, shower and dress, I sit down in the cafe and have a bagel (usually only half) and cream cheese (only a TBSP of light). My trainer is not happy with me about the bagel and told me that all those calories are sticking to me. He slapped his thigh when he said this, so I'm assuming that my thighs are the sad losers in this bagel battle. He told me to eat 25 almonds or 2 cups of Cheerios instead. Bye bye gym incentive.

The next day, I was traveling for business. I do a fair amount of traveling and every time I walk into the airport, my first question is, "What am I going to eat?" Stop number 1, you guessed it, the Great American Bagel. Stop 2 - McDonald's for a McFlurry. I know, McDonald's -- yuck. I don't even eat McDonald's food, but I make a special exception for ice cream in airports. If they had a Ben and Jerry's, I would have gone there. I can down a pint of the the light half baked ice cream like nobody's business -- but I digress.

The traveling was not so good for the diet or the exercise. I told my trainer that I would do weights on Friday... didn't happen. And to make matters worse, I missed my long run on Saturday, which was only 5 miles and if I could have physically gotten up at 4:30am before the event I was staffing, I would have done it. Traveling just physically takes it out of me.

I'm back now in Chicago and I've resolved that I will try my best to eat the way my trainer is telling me to eat -- lots of veggies, lean protien, whole carbohydrates, I'm sure you know the drill. For breakfast this morning, I made myself eggs with spinach, whole wheat toast, which I spread half an avocado on (it's good, I saw the woman on Healthy Appetite on Food Network do this, but I'm also such a fan of the avocado that I will eat them whole just by themselves), and a bowl of fruit. I'm hoping I won't be hungry for awhile.

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