Monday, June 19, 2006

I Predict that I will Post a Blog Entry (Oh My Gosh! I was Right!)

Why is it that I never feel inspired to write a blog entry on the weekend? I tried so hard last night to get my thoughts about Saturday’s run as well as other random, miscellaneous (yet important) happenings on paper. It just wasn’t flowing. So I gave up. Now, I sit here Monday morning (at work mind you) with the desperate need to update the masses about my life.

Overall, the seven-mile run at 6:45am was good despite the heat and humidity. Dehydration was the one minor mishap. It wasn’t serious, but toward the end of the run, maybe mile five and a half or six, I started to get the chills and goose bumps. This is not normal when it’s sunny and 85 degrees. Our pace leader told me that it was a sign of dehydration to which I replied, “But I drink more water than anyone I know.” True enough, but the problem is that I’m drinking too much water and losing my electrolytes in the process. So, I’m going to have to start drinking Gatorade to replenish the nutrients my body is losing during the long runs. Other than that, I stayed strong during the entire run.

I went to a psychic party on Sunday despite the fact that I woke up with a painful earache. I’m going to be frank—I love this kind of stuff. While I think my boyfriend might call me “suggestible,” I consider myself “open-minded.”

First, the psychic read my palm. She told me that I lack confidence in my aesthetic abilities. In response, I asked, slightly confused, “does that mean I don’t think I’m good at, like, decorating my house?” Then, she read my tarot cards. She actually did this twice. The first reading was for present or near future. The second reading was for six months to a year from now. Here are some interesting tidbits about my future:
• I will soon make a career switch that will mean more money and less work (I like that combination!). But, in the not so distant future, I will make a major switch in my career that builds on something I’m already doing and takes it to another level.
• My boyfriend, who is moving to Chicago next week, will be very attentive to me and will be very focused on our relationship until he becomes distracted in mid-August or early-September (funny, that’s about the time he’ll be starting his master’s program).
• I will take a trip very soon and it’s going to be very exciting and I’m going to have a really good time.

Some of what she said seemed counter-intuitive to my personality, but other stuff seemed dead on, and some of it was a bit unsettling. So we’ll see. She actually recorded the entire session, so I have a tape of it. I’m going to listen to it and I’ll keep everyone posted on whether or not the psychic’s predictions come true!

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