Thursday, June 15, 2006

(Pizza + Diet Coke) - Advil = Not So Good Run

Yesterday’s CES run can only be described as one thing—rough. Actually, you could also describe it with synonyms of rough, like tough, hard, difficult, grueling… this is an abbreviated list from what came up under the “Thesaurus” in Word. Sometimes I’m so terribly clever (or smart, bright, intelligent, witty, quick). Thanks Microsoft Office, I won’t say you never gave me anything.

The CES run was a 5K predictor race meaning that it sort-of simulated an actual 5K race. We predicted our times prior to starting the race and then we would compare that to our actual time. The purpose is to see how good you are at judging your pace. Well, my running buddy was booking it like nobody’s business and while I felt compelled to keep up and managed to do so, it was not pretty.

You know, some runs are good and some runs are bad. I think there are people out there who run marathons, and once in a blue moon, a five mile jog just isn’t pretty. So, it’s normal to have a bad run once in awhile. But, for the most part, lately, I have been having really good runs. So what was different about yesterday?

Well, I have narrowed it down to three possible reasons:
1) I ate pizza yesterday. It’s terrible really. At work, we had a lunch meeting and my team ordered pizza. I knew that saying “no” to the pizza just isn’t an option in my world, so I was smart and managed the damage with portion control, only 2 slices, and was determined not to snack the rest of the day. That’s a great plan if you’re on Weight Watchers and not going to run a “race” after work. I probably could have used a little pick me up before I ran. Plus, my trainer is not going to be happy with me tonight when I tell him about the pizza (he’s very against white flour, as well he should be).
2) I had a diet Coke with the pizza. Now, I could be wrong on this one, but it probably contributed, along with the pizza/no snack, to my energy crash. Once again, my trainer is not going to be happy, he’s really against diet soft drinks (with good reason, I’m sure).
3) I didn’t take a painkiller before I ran. OK, so maybe it’s not “good” that I medicate myself before I run, but I do. I generally take two Advil before I run because my muscles are generally always in some amount of pain. So, an Advil takes the edge off. However, yesterday, I forgot to bring my Advil and I really thought I’d be OK. When I don’t run with a painkiller, I can generally “run through” any discomfort; however, that wasn’t the case yesterday.

That pretty much sums up my theory about yesterday’s bad run. The good news is, I ran faster than expected. I actually predicted a 40 minute 5K (which is pretty slow), but ended up running a 37 minute 5K. That’s just a little bit faster than a 12 minute mile. Good for me, not so good for most others, but hey, it's a journey--for me, a fairly slow, yet slightly painful journey.

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