Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday Night Sit-a-Thon

It's Sunday evening and I'm sitting here watching a re-run of Grey's Anatomy realizing that, yes, tomorrow begins another work week. I feel the only appropriate response is a grunt. Since you can’t hear me grunt, I’ll just type it. Grunt.

The weekend always flies, doesn’t it? Sigh.

Saturday was crazy busy. I woke up at 6am for the weekly CES Saturday morning “long” run. We went six miles. I’m in the white group. The white group does a 3/2, meaning that we run for three minutes and then we walk for two minutes. On this particular day, the group somehow spilt with the first half of the group leaving the second half of the group in the dust. I ended up in the second group and the pace was SLOW. Too slow. It was a little frustrating. I think I’m going to start running our short runs at a 5/1, run five minutes, walk 1 minute. I need to push myself a little. We’ll see how it goes before I change the long run.

After the run, I met some friends at the Bagel in Lakeview for breakfast. I love the Bagel. I used to live right around the corner from the Bagel. The service is quick, the food is good, and I really like their chive cream cheese. It’s excellent. Nearly every out-of-town guest that I have hosted has experienced the Bagel. And they have all loved it.

After breakfast, I met another friend and went downtown to Printer’s Row, where we met my boyfriend at the book fair. It was pretty cool. Tons of tents with old books, new books, historical books about Chicago, and of course my favorite, cookbooks. It was a beautiful day, the kind of day that makes the long, cold, dark Chicago winter all worthwhile.

And now it’s Sunday night. And tomorrow begins another work week.


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