Monday, June 12, 2006

A View of the V-8

I managed to get back on the wagon this morning after my three (or was it four?) day hiatus. So, this morning, I got up at 5:15am and rode the El down to the gym and ran for 42 minutes. I actually followed the 5/1 program, meaning I ran for five minutes and walked for one, rather than the 3/2 program. I need to push myself a little more and the 3/2 ain’t cutting it. So, I ran faster and longer than usual.

I have to say, it was a great run. Unlike most people, I really enjoy the treadmill runs. I like the outdoor runs when I’m with a friend or a group, but by myself, I prefer the treadmill. I just put on my headphones and go. Right now I’m listening to Death Cab for Cutie over and over and over while I run. Being on a treadmill lets me really push myself and track how long and how fast I’m going. I sprinted my last five minutes of running which really took it out of me and when I started to do weights, I nearly passed out. Oh well. I’ll do weights tomorrow.

I have also resolved to eat better this week and listen to my trainer, so I am upping my protein, sticking with whole grain carbohydrates, etc. He suggested V-8, which I tried for the first time today. It doesn’t taste terrible, though it’s not super pleasant, but the smell is horrible. It’s been sitting on my desk all day. I’ve drank about half the can… and it’s a small can! Perhaps a daily V-8 just isn’t in the cards for me.

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Kendra said...

Try the Spicy V8 and drink it while its ice cold. All you can taste is spices and the cold numbs you to the rest of the funk. I did South Beach for 6 months, I'm a pro with the V8.