Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Wagon, a Birthday, a Lack of Self Control, and My New Job

My friends: today, I turned 27 and quit my job. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that I had a complete mental break down because I’m officially in my late twenties; I gave my resignation at my job, effective immediately; checked myself into a mental institution and I’m typing this from the padded walls of my room in a psych ward.

Excellent guess, but you are wrong. I have been having a continual minor mental break down my entire life, and it has never led to my unemployment. No, these events are mutually exclusive. But they did happen on the same day. (OK, not technically, I quit yesterday, but it was announced today, which is why I couldn’t blog about it until now.)

Leaving a position is always a little strange. I have been at my current job at a public relations firm for about a year and a half. While that does not even come close to the amount of time some people spend at a company, I feel like one of the veteran members of my team and it’s strange to know that within weeks (maybe days) after my departure, no one will ever even think about “when Lou was here.”

But, change can be good, and I’m ready for a new challenge and a return to my roots in not-for-profit marketing and communications. That’s right, after a three year hiatus which included a graduate education and an introduction to “agency life,” I’m going back to where I began. Well, not the actual organization, but… you know what I mean. I think it will be an exciting and positive change for me.

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted in about a week. Well, change is pretty much the theme of my life right now and I spent the better part of last week in Ohio helping to move my boyfriend to Chicago. (To be fair, I am using the word “help” loosely.) Not only did I fail to post, but I ate take out food for about 7 days straight (I’m talking hardcore take out like Denny’s, Wendy’s, Big Boy, pizza and who knows what else—YUCK!) and I missed a weeks worth of workouts, including an eight mile run. The question is: could it get any worse?

The answer is: Yes, by skipping tonight’s workout to go out to dinner for my birthday instead.

Next question: Where do I want to eat dinner?

I’m back on the wagon tomorrow! Promise!

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