Monday, July 24, 2006

I Have an Even Harder Life

It’s been a rough couple of days. Not because of my training (the eight mile run on Saturday morning actually went well… what a difference a week and about 10 degrees makes!).

No… yesterday, in an attempt to eat better and not rely solely on Amy’s black bean frozen enchiladas for dinner, I decided to cook three different meals and freeze them for the week. Ever the lazy cook, I used what I believe is called an accordion to dice onions for some spinach enchiladas (do you see a pattern with me and enchiladas?). Basically, you slide the onion along a row of blades that chop the onion for you, rather than using a knife. Well, ever the careful cook, I accidentally ran my thumb across the blades.

There was some blood. There was a little bit of pain. But other than that, my thumb seemed to be OK… except that I was actually cut in three different places with one deep, horizontal cut running through the two, even deeper vertical cuts, which makes it appear as though a chunk of my thumb could fall off if the wounds don’t properly heal.

Maybe I should go to the doctor, have the cut looked at, maybe stitched up, no big deal, right? Wrong. First of all, I don’t even have a “real” doctor. I’m not afraid of doctor’s or against them, I’d just rather not go and to date, I’ve been lucky enough that I really haven’t had to visit a doctor more than once or twice a year.

But, it gets worse. As you know I just recently started a new job. My insurance from my last job ended and my new insurance hasn’t kicked in. I could use Cobra, but that costs a ton and not only would I have pay to be covered by the health insurance for at least two months (which would probably be a couple hundred dollars a month or more), I’d have to pay a co-pay.

My other option is to just pay for it myself. I called a walk-in urgent care facility in the city and they told me that JUST TO BE SEEN by a doctor (no stitches, no meds, no tests, nothing), it would cost me $400 without insurance. They told me that I could fill out paperwork to see if I qualify for special assistance. HA! That’s a good one.

Let’s recap: $400 without insurance for a doctor to JUST look at the stupid cuts on my thumb.

Do I think that’s worth it? Absolutely not. Hand me a needle and some rubbing alcohol, I’ll do it myself.

My boyfriend is very upset that I would take money into consideration when dealing with my health. This, in theory, is an understandable position. If my thumb was completely severed and I was carrying it around in a cooler, would I go to the doctor? Of course I would. If I broke my leg, ankle, arm, neck, or hip, would I go to the doctor? Absolutely.

Do I need to go into debt for a few cuts on the tip of my thumb that may or may not be deep enough for stitches? I’m weighing my options. It’s not as if I didn’t put Neosporin and a band-aid on it.

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Anonymous said...

Go to the doctor. It'll be more expensive if you don't go and the wound gets infected.