Monday, July 03, 2006

The Longest Weekend

I am a person who tends to thrive on schedules and routines. While I don’t exactly love the idea of working nine-to-five (or eight-to-six), it does provide a structure that I can plan around. In particular, when it comes to eating, being at my desk keeps me from “grazing”–or, more accurately and more often, gorging myself—every couple of hours.

So, I’m sitting here, on the third day of a four-day weeken celebrating the Fourth of July, with a stomachache because I felt it necessary to polish off the last of a carton of ice cream after dinner. Worse yet, it was the third time today that I ate the ice cream, which pretty means that I entire carton of ice cream. Nice.

Well, despite my poor dietary choices, I did manage to stick to my workout schedule with only a few minor mishaps.

On Saturday, I was supposed to run six miles. The CES training group did not meet, but I ran with a friend and her boyfriend along the lakefront. Unfortunately, I did not make it six miles. Shortly after we started our run, I felt fatigued and around mile three, I started to get the chills, a symptom of dehydration. I threw in the towel before I reached mile 4. This is the second time I have had signs of dehydration (the first time was during the CES seven mile run on June 17). I still have not started drinking Gatorade, but after Saturday’s six miler, I will definitely be drinking it and during before next week’s nine mile run.

To make matters worse, I didn’t want to hold my friend back so I told her to run ahead and I would met her back at the car. Well, the paths along Chicago lakefront, while absolutely beautiful, are a bit confusing. I know this sounds stupid, but there are three or four paths and they split off from each other and it’s just crazy. Bottom line, I got lost and wandered around looking for the car for nearly an hour. Finally I found my friend, her boyfriend, and his car. It pretty much sucked.

But, I bounced back this morning and met with my trainer for an hour-long workout. I was sweating like crazy and by the end I couldn’t even lift a 15-pound weight, but the workout gave me a much needed confidence boast after my poor performance on Saturday. I know having a trainer may seem like a superfluous expense, but I really love it. I would never push myself as hard as my trainer does. Plus, I can ask all the questions I want, including, “Why do I keep dehydrating during long runs?” and “How can I stop eating entire cartons of ice cream?”

So far, we haven’t solved the ice cream dilemma.


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