Monday, August 28, 2006

Just Buy Me a Funnel Cake and We’ll Call it a Day

My mom has this horrible metaphor for life that she parades out for special occasions like when I am in the midst of a break up. She says, “Lou, life is like an amusement park. You can either ride the merry-go-round or you can ride the rollercoaster. I’d rather ride the rollercoaster.” To which I reply, “Whatever mom.”

Once upon a time, before the genius that is “A View from the Park” was made available to the world, I had another blog… a secret blog that I shared with no one. It’s so secret in fact that I can’t remember the name of it, but knowing me it was probably terribly witty. The main purpose of the secret blog was to rant about the horrible dates I went on with horrible guys, primarily making my point by peppering my posts with the "f" word as much as possible. It wasn’t something I felt comfortable telling people about.

When I started "A View from the Park," I made a deliberate choice to focus on a fairly benign topic (hence the half marathon) so I could muster the courage to share my blog with others. And of course, there really wasn’t very much else going on in my life besides the half marathon.

Like all good things, we knew that the half marathon would eventually come to an end. We did not, however, realize that my relationship would follow the same course. Writing has always been a cathartic exercise for me. When my life is changing and I become analytical about who I am and where I'm headed, I write.

I feel like when I started this blog, I made a promise to my three readers that I would not get too personal, or reveal too much crazy, or sound too much like a Candace Bushnell wannabe (please… you can’t see me, but I’m rolling my eyes). But let’s be honest, I didn’t make that promise to you guys, I made it to myself.

So, I’m on this rollercoaster...

Thanks mom.

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