Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What a Girl Wants, What a Girl Needs

Yes, I referenced Christina Aguilera and I really don’t have an excuse for that.

Well, this isn’t going to be an easy posting to write for two reasons. First, many of my 3-5 dedicated readers aren’t aware of the current changes in my life. I don’t necessarily think that it’s best to make this “announcement” on my blog, but I’m just not sure how to tell people. Maybe it’s a copout to avoid some embarrassment, but it’s the choice I’m making. I hope my friends and readers can understand.

The second reason is just that it’s crappy news.

I’m probably building it up to much, but here goes: I am moving… again… which ultimately means that my boyfriend and I have decided to part ways.

For those of you who know my boyfriend and me, you can imagine that this wasn’t an easy decision, but both of us agree that it is the best. He and I have been friends since we were 14 years old and we are committed to staying friends. I truly believe that we will remain close.

So… after a frantic, week-long apartment search (which is another story altogether, but if you want to read my Yelp review of the Apartment People, an apartment finding service in Chicago, you’ll see that the search wasn’t pretty), I was able to rent an apartment in Lincoln Square, another awesome Chicago neighborhood, and I am moving the first week of September.

I know what you’re thinking… How does this affect me? Will I still be able to read your awesome blog, “A View From the Park?”

Fear not. Your reading enjoyment is of the utmost importance to me. But, I understand your concerns… after all, I wrote an entire post about where the name of the blog came from (What is This “Park” You Speak Of?) and now, after a mere four months, I am leaving Rogers Park. For now, I plan to keep the name of the blog the same. As for the content, now that my half marathon is over, you can expect the posts to vary a bit more in topic.

And as far as Christina Aguilera is concerned, what a girl wants is a TiVo and a flat screen television; what a girl needs is a mattress and a couch. But that’s yet another story…

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