Thursday, September 07, 2006

But I Regress...

How did you celebrate/mourn the unofficial end of summer? I spent Labor Day (appropriate) moving boxes into my new apartment and I’ve got the bruises to prove it.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, much of my furniture was sacrificed in the first big move and so the second big move wasn’t quite so big and my place isn’t quite so full. I did finally get around to buying mattresses last Friday. They are being delivered tomorrow, which means I have been sleeping on an air mattress since Monday. Not cool, especially since every 30-45 minutes the air mattress deflates. I might as well be sleeping on a tarp or a trash bag. True story. Luckily (if there is something in this situation that can be considered “lucky”), it’s one of those new fangled air mattresses that has an automatic pump controlled by a remote. I barely have to be conscious to operate it. And yes, it inflates while I’m on laying on it.

The apartment is slowly coming together… sort of. Did you ever notice that when you rent or buy a place you don’t actually realize what’s wrong with it until you move in? Well, I failed to notice one major pitfall in my truly vintage (they weren’t kidding) apartment. There is no outlet in the bathroom. This means that I can’t use a blow dryer, or curl my hair, or even charge my electric toothbrush. And I refuse to brush my teeth in the kitchen people—so don’t offer that as an option!

I’ll figure it out (most likely by creating a fire hazard like connecting extension cords to each other and stringing them across rooms). The apartment does have some charm and I’m a sucker for charm. And I totally heart my new couch.


Kendra said...

I spent Labor Day weekend working. Woo. At least your labor involved setting up in a cool new place! I love how you use the word "vintage". What you mean is old right?

Lou said...

In my opinion, vintage = old and neglected by the management company.