Monday, October 09, 2006

2nd Kick of a Mule

Sometimes you need to learn a lesson twice for it to really stick, right? Case in point:

Saturday, September 30, 9pm-??? (I wasn’t actually lucid enough to know what time it was when I left the bar): A friend and I decided to have a few drinks at some of the local watering holes in my new neighborhood. Three bars and multiple glasses of Pinot Noir and Cabernet later, I realized that I had gone too far. And, as it goes with red wine, I knew regardless of the fact that I immediately switched to water, it was going to get worse before it got better. Not even my magic hangover buster could save me now (FYI… 2 Advil, 1 Excedrin PM, and as much water as you can down before you pass out).

Sunday, October 1: Woke up with a massive hangover. Slept until 2pm in the afternoon. Finally got up and productively spent the day on the couch during which at some point I said, possibly to myself, possibly to someone I hallucinated, possibly into the phone, “I will not be drinking red wine for awhile.”

Fast-forward one (yes ONE) week.

Saturday, October 7, 8pm-Sunday, October 8, 1:30am: I’ve got a timeline, so I’ll admit that I wasn’t doing nearly as bad, but... I went out to dinner with a few friends and then decided to have “few” drinks afterwards. I brilliantly chased sake with four glasses of Red Zinfandel. Who does that?

Sunday, October 8: Woke up with a massive hangover. Kicked myself out of bed at 11:30am and productively spent the day on the couch at which point I remembered what I had said the previous week.

So, I’m putting it in writing here so maybe I’ll hold myself to it. NO MORE RED WINE. For awhile, anyway. I cannot lose another day of my life to a massive red wine hangover. Seriously, who goes out and binge drinks wine? I need to switch to liquor (I dumped a full vodka tonic in my lap on Friday evening, but that’s another story).

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