Tuesday, October 03, 2006

[Boy] Crazy

Once upon a time about six months ago, I had a dream that my mom got a facelift. (My mom is not going to be happy that I’m telling this story to my readers. Sorry Mom, but it’s important to set up the story). The next day she and I were talking on the phone and about halfway through the conversation I remembered the dream.

"Mom, last night I had the weirdest dream about you getting a facelift."

Silence. Finally, she spoke.

"Lou, I wasn’t going to tell you and your sister this because I knew you two would judge me, but I got a facelift on Wednesday." Judgment aside (hey, I just didn’t think she needed one), I swear this story is true and also serves as the most recent example that may or may not lead others to believe that, while unreliable at best, I could have the "gift."

We can debate whether or not I have psychic powers, but it really isn’t about that. If I really thought I did, trust me, I’d quit my job tomorrow and set up a Miss Cleo-style hotline. This also isn’t about theories pertaining to quantum physics or the subconscious... it’s about my dream last night.

I have a "secret" on again/off again crush. Really it’s fleeting at best. But, when I am around this guy, I'm always entertained, as he never ceases to amaze me with his eclectic interests.

Last night, he professed his love for me… granted it was in a dream. Perhaps I have tapped into subconscious feelings that he has? Doubtful. But a girl can dream—literally—right?

Not to totally psychoanalyze myself, but what the heck, it’s Tuesday morning. I believe this dream reveals a bigger issue—I would define it as strong feelings of "boy craziness." Case in point... the previous night’s dream was about a boy I had an on again/off again crush on in high school. And, if you need more proof, just ask me about Saturday night.

I decided that this is likely one way for me to assert my independence as newly single. I’m not really interested in dating, per say, but rather, I’m interested in checking out every guy that happens to cross my path. Why? Because I can and therefore, in my opinion, should. Hellloooo.

All in good fun, my friends!

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