Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Losing My Edge

Seriously, I am running out of material people. I wrote about my inability to control my alcohol intake yesterday... I’m pretty sure that was not my best post.

Here’s the problem. I lack focus. Training for the half marathon provided me with a topic. Breaking up with boyfriend/moving/starting over provided me with a topic. In life and in blog, I often ask myself, now what?

I need a new focus. I can deviate from the focus, but if I have a focus, I’ll always have a starting point and therefore, it’s less likely that my posts will suck consistently. Sure, I could write about my weekends, but do you really want to know week after week about how I drink too much and from time to time make poor decisions as a result of it?

You don’t, do you? I have a sneaking suspicion that there may be one or two of you out there saying yes...

However, we (the people who read my blog) live in a democracy... And I need to make most of the people happy some of the time (or is it some of the people happy most of the time?). So, I’ve got some ideas.

1) I could sign up to train for another half marathon and write about it.
2) I could relay to you what I eat and exercise and keep you posted on whether or not I ever lose some poundage
3) I could admit that I’ve decided to sign up for Match.com (seriously, everybody does it) and tell you all about the apparent psychos that contact me
4) I could grip about my creative writing class (which I’ll probably do anyway)

Those are my thoughts. Maybe you’ve got others? Let me put it another way... Help!!! Please?

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