Friday, November 10, 2006

Depends on Where You're Coming From

Greetings from Sacramento, friends! This is my first time in California and after being here approximately 10 hours, I can report with a fair amount of integrity that Sacramento looks like just about every other small to mid-size city in the country. Nice weather though.

As I believe I mentioned in my last post, this is my first business trip for this employer (but certainly not the last, from here I fly to Seattle on Monday, I got back to Seattle in January, San Jose in March, and Washington, DC in June). In my last position at the PR firm, I traveled constantly… at least it felt that way. Forgettable trips included Orlando (nightmare), Boston, Hotlanta, Cincinnati, New York City (a couple times and those were kind of fun), New Jersey, Arizona, North Carolina, and Jacksonville, Florida (another nightmare).

Business travel is one of those cool concepts that when you’re young (read: early twenties) sounds like a super fun way to see the world for free while climbing the corporate ladder. Turns out… business travel not so super. Let’s look at the pros and cons of business travel:

1) Traveling sans spending your own money.

1) Getting up really early to catch a flight.
2) Having to look good on that fight because chances are you have to get off the plane and go straight to a meeting.
3) Being “on” at all times because you’re hanging with your client.
4) Sitting in your hotel room and watching television gets really, really boring after awhile.
5) Saying you’re going to workout at the gym fitness center, but not actually having the energy to do so. If you do actually make it to the gym, you find out that all the equipment was purchased in 1980.
6) Eating crap because there’s nothing else to eat and you’re hungry… all the time.

There are probably more cons, but I’ll stop there. If you don’t have to travel for your job, rejoice. I am envious. I will admit that most of those cons reflect my experience at my last job; maybe traveling for this job will be different.

So we’ll see. So far, I decided to forgo the gym in favor of a nap; I had pizza as a snack, and I shared an ice cream dessert with co-workers. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do better. My one goal is to not stray to far from my half marathon training program, but I will admit, I’m still extremely sore (I think I pulled some muscle near my rib cage, not to mention that I went to my trainer last night and he kicked my butt), so a day off might not have been a bad idea. Here’s to hoping, but old habits die hard.

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