Monday, November 06, 2006

It's So Hard to Say Goodbye...

I have a bit of sad news to report, my friends. On Saturday, November 4, at approximately 6:30pm, my MAC Titanium G4 laptop, Sally, passed away. I’m just kidding… I never named my laptop Sally, because I’m not weird like that. However, unfortunately, the laptop bit it on Saturday night.

Laptop and I spent six years together. It moved with me to nine different residences in four different states, served me well through obtaining my graduate degree, and has traveled with me around the country. My trusted laptop was used and abused—-it weathered traumatic events including being dropped more than once, losing various parts and pieces, and destroying the CD-Rom drive-- but it held it’s own in the good times and in the bad and never let me down. In it’s final hour, laptop was defeated at the clumsy hand of its loving, if not graceful owner, who splashed a small amount of vodka onto your keyboard. I dedicate this post to you, laptop, because of you I will forever pledge my allegiance to one nation under Apple. RIP.

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