Monday, November 06, 2006

T-Minus Eight Hours

I hate double posting; it makes me look like I have nothing else to do, which may be true, but you know… appearances. I felt like the news about my laptop deserved it’s own post so I’m posting a second time to update you on a few items.

Match date numeral dos: This was my first date with the “slow adult” (how I ever managed to make that his code name is beyond me… ). Now, if you remember, this is the guy who I’ve had two hour and a half long phone conversations with, so needless to say, I was interested to find out how we would interact “live.” We met for lunch on Friday at a sushi restaurant. There were definitely some first date awkward moments, but for the most part, it went well. When we parted ways he said he would like to see me again, and I agreed. And then… nothing. No email, no phone call. I thought for sure if he was really interested I would hear from him by Sunday, but again… nothing. To be fair, we will give him until the end of the day today to call before we completely write him off. I’ll keep you updated.

Winter Warriors Day 1: I rolled out of bed at 6am to make sure that I could make it to my running group by 7:30 via the trains… it’s about four miles away (ah the joys of living in the city without a car). As planned, I decided to give a solid running group—rather than a run/walk group—a try. I joined the 11:30 minute pace group and hung for the entire four miles. Actually, I surprised myself. I was nervous about not being able to make it, but sometimes I don’t give myself enough credit. Joining this pace group was definitely the right decision if I want to continue to improve. If I need to, I can always drop back in to a run/walk group.

After running, I was drawn to the grocery store and entranced by the hummus’ siren song. Damn you hummus (I’m shaking my fist at the sky)! The rest of the morning consisted of my passing out on my couch on and off until 3pm, getting a bloody nose and destroying my laptop with liquor. Then I went out and drank more to feel better about all of it.

DOA: I trekked downtown to the Apple store to see if my laptop was salvageable. The answer was “maybe” to the tune of $600-$1000. No dice, my friends. It’s time to get a new computer. After my trip downtown (there’s only one thing I hate more than Michigan Avenue on the weekend during the “holiday” season and it’s Michigan Avenue on the weekend in the summer), I sat on my couch and ate Cheerios and peanut butter to make myself feel better.

The fallout from Applegate 2006 continues: Kidding. Monday starts a new week and it is time to move on. Following the CES training booklet, I went to the gym during lunch and got in a 40 minute run, which reminded me how careful I need to be about my diet when I’m training… excess amounts of Cheerios and peanut butter did not serve me well.

Tonight is my last creative writing class, and I’m struggling with whether or not I want to show up. While the first few weeks of the class really helped me come up with new ideas for essays, the final weeks have been disappointing. The instructor often allows the class to spiral out of control into various directions that hinder any sort of progress. And I am so tired of hearing stories about drug-induced insights while traveling through strange lands. Please. If I wanted to read Kerouac, I would have done it when I cared… which was probably at about age 19. Besides, I need to get my pants hemmed… is that a good enough excuse not to go?

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