Thursday, November 02, 2006

Trigger Happy

Today, my friends, I put my commitment fears aside and pulled the trigger. I am officially signed up to train for another half marathon starting Saturday, November 4. The training program is called Winter Warriors because I’m in Chicago and you have to be insane, and I mean killing machine crazy, to get your butt out of bed every dark and cold Saturday morning to run at 7:30 between now and the New Year. There is light at the end of this 13.1-mile long tunnel… Hello Miami half marathon in January!

So this is what’s next. After Miami, the plan (which is primarily the brainchild of my trainer, who’s goals for me tend to be loftier than my own) is to train for the Indianapolis half marathon in May, then the Chicago Distance Classic half marathon in August, and finally, next October, oh yes… the Chicago Marathon. Let’s keep in mind, this is his plan, not mine… but I am seriously considering it.

I haven’t trained since August and I’m ready for it. For the last two months, I have been running four to five days a week because I actually want to run. This time around I’m going to see if I can’t keep up with a group that just runs, rather than a run/walk group. We’ll see how it goes the first couple weeks when our mileage is low, but I can always drop back if I need to.

Sometimes I can’t even believe how far I’ve come. If you would have said to me a year and a half ago, “Lou, you should run half marathons… just for fun,” I would have laughed and lit a cigarette, then perhaps, just for the sake of theatrics, blown smoke rings in your face. Now, I’d look you in the eye, take a swig of my vodka on the rocks, nod, possibly poke you, and say, “That’s one hell of an idea my friend.” Oh how times have changed.

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