Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Change: The Only Constant

Friends, if you’re reading this you’ve probably noticed that I’m changing around a few things on my blog. I decided to incorporate a new template and am trying to add a few other fun features… some pictures, a few lists with links. Stuff like that.

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to actually state what I’m about to state, but for those of you who haven’t heard it from me directly: I love my blog. I love writing about what’s going on; I love knowing that you guys (all three of you) actually read it; but possibly most of all, I love going back through my old posts. A few days ago (December 2, 2006) marked A View from the Park’s six “monthiversary,” which sad to say, I didn’t even notice until now. For half a year, I have kept a pretty decent record of what’s going on in my life and in my head. Seeing it all laid out in a detailed timeline-esk fashion, makes one thing very clear… a lot has changed since June 2, 2006!

A View from the Park has also changed… after focusing on my running goals almost exclusively in early posts, I eventually became comfortable enough in this forum to share… well, a lot more than just my triumphs and tragedies on the lakefront path.

Re-reading the blog for me is a reminder of how far I’ve come (from where… not sure) and how far I have to go (to where… don’t know) and provides reassurance that, as I suspected, it is within my power to change my own life (even if sometimes I’m too lazy to do it) for the better, not to mention it proves that it is possible for me to express myself using minimal expletives (this is a family blog!).

Eventually, things will fall into place… the restlessness will go away, my life will be settled, things will be figured out, the desire to keep searching will subside and my posts will begin to look something like this:

Dear Blog:
Today, I went to the Whole Foods. Organic strawberries were on sale, so I bought two cartons. I got my nails done, went to yoga class, lunched at a fabulous bistro, and did a little shopping on Michigan Avenue. I bought the cutest little Dolce and Gabanna number in a size 2…
Sunshine and Rainbows,

Do you see where this is going? Future self, though shallow, is leading a life, though meaningless, of leisure. Until that day…

[Note: Like many of my “catch phrases” I stole “Dear Blog” from someone (you know who you are) because, frankly, I’m not that clever. She’s probably going to read this and yell at me. I’m apologizing in advance--sorry @.]

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Angela said...

public apology accepted. publicly.