Monday, December 18, 2006

The Juggling Act

I consider myself to be a pretty skilled multi-tasker. At any given moment, I’m writing a blog post, answering email, checking my phone messages, chatting online, searching for recipes, crafting copy for a new brochure, and eating a snack. And that’s just while I’m at work. With all the balls I’ve got in the air, I’m like a freaking circus performer.

However, when it comes to my eating and exercise habits, the minute I start to get one ball in the air... I drop another one. For instance, if I finally get myself on a solid workout schedule, my eating habits will go to hell. Nice.

Let’s take fall 2006 as an example: Serious gym time? Check. Intense cardio? Check. Strength training? Check. Motivation? Check... I had motivation to spare.

What did I eat? Hummus and pita bread. Literally, almost every day for almost every meal for months. Now, I know hummus and pita bread "sounds healthy" and I suppose it’s better than... I don’t know, Big Macs and potato chips. But eating too much of anything is bad for you.

So, I had a talk with myself."Self," I said, "If you really want to lose weight, you’re going to have to stop eating hummus and pita bread. You need more protein in your diet. You need more variety."

I said this to myself about three times a week for the last three months. But then I would get hungry or depressed or tired or whatever and the ONLY thing that I wanted to eat was hummus and pita bread. I was addicted. And the more I ate it, the more my body craved it. It seemed like I would never break the cycle.

But finally, I faced my demon and conquered it. I am proud to report that since Saturday, December 9, I have been off the hummus and pita. For the time being anyway.

Unfortunately, also in that time, I have worked out approximately once... and that’s only because I paid my trainer to make me workout. To be fair, I was sick... for about five days. But still, I’m totally slacking.

Today, I head back to the gym in an attempt to get that second ball in the air.

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Kendra said...

Congratulations on 8 consecutive days of Hummus-free life! I guess now is a bad time to tell you I had the best hummus ever at the Christmas party on Saturday...