Sunday, December 10, 2006

Small Victories

Yeah. I did it. I wrote an entire post about Lindsay Lohan. I officially have no life. Go ahead. Judge me.

So, in the spirit of having no life, I have spent the majority of the last four days hanging in my apartment waiting to stop violently sneezing and for the ability to breath through my nose to return. However, I was fairly productive, involving myself in an activity I like to call, "organizing my life."

Since Thursday, I have cleaned and organized every room in my apartment (kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom), as well as the hall closet. I finished reading the Abs Diet book and start planning, mostly in my head, what I would eat for the week. I watched Match Point (which, FYI, I thought it was good). I cooked chili. I did my laundry. I went to the grocery store... twice and CVS for cold medicine... twice. I made an omelet for breakfast. I ate at my now clean dining table. It was lovely.

Productive, yes. Depressing that I only saw the sun twice... a little. But, I do have a sparkling clean and more efficient apartment, which in my opinion can only lead me to a better life... and I had a dinner that did not involve pita bread or hummus. Small victories people.Things are looking up.

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