Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oh Look… It’s the Wagon

Shortly after Thanksgiving, I veered wildly off course with my half marathon training. I decided in November, after considering my finances and upcoming 2007 travel plans, that I would probably not register for the Miami Half Marathon. The cost of a plane ticket, hotel room, meals, etc. would have been a ridiculous expense. Of course the decision not the run the half marathon in January made it difficult to stay motivated, but I was determined to keep training since I had paid for it.

That didn’t happen. About a week after Thanksgiving, I fell off the wagon. I got sick and skipped the 8-mile run… and the 9-mile run. At that point, I got back on the wagon. Well, I said I was going to anyway. Unfortunately, I got drunk, fell off the wagon again and passed out for approximately... all of December.

I finally emerged from the month-long stupor yesterday and today, I'm getting back on the wagon again. I’m actually going to go to CES training tonight and I plan to run on Saturday morning with another CES buddy who also fell of the wagon. The CES crew will be running 11 miles. We will be running four. Better four than nothing I suppose.

I also want to let everyone know that while Miami is a bust, another race is in the works. I have decided that I will run the Columbus Half Marathon on April 14. This was an obvious choice for me, being that my family is in Columbus and I don’t have to pay for room and board. Just a plane ticket.

So, if you’re in C-bus, mark your calendars! It will be nice to have some cheerleaders along the way.


Kendra said...

Well Columbus is not exactly as tropical as Miami - but its a good goal anyway! Best of luck!

Lou said...

I try to look on the bright side: less people in Columbus wearing skimpy outfits that make me feel bad about me. Haha!

Sarah said...

Alas, since we're running this one together, you should know I ALWAYS run half marathons while wearing a thong bikini. Hot weather, cold weather, it doesn’t matter. The lack of clothing gives me an edge. I only hope the cellulite on my ass doesn't distract you from the race.

Lou said...

Hey Sar, Keni thinks you're HI-larious.