Friday, January 05, 2007

Things Fall Apart

I haven’t been quite right since New Year’s Eve. I’ve been running into stuff, like displays at the grocery store. I’ve been unable to think on my feet, retort with witty and smart comments, verbally spar with people I don’t much care for. If I have two chat windows open at once, I end up responding to the wrong person. I have had trouble waking up and getting to work on time… though, at my job, I’m not really sure what “on time” is, which is probably part of the problem. I think we officially start at 8:30am; I try to show up by 9am, but people won’t start asking questions until 10am. The point is, I just haven’t been right.

Last night I had a dream (sans pills no less) about my crush. I punched him the face after a heated interchange. It felt good until he said something along the lines of the following:

I always knew you were crazy.

At that point, I desperately begged for his forgiveness. He wasn’t having it. Sometimes dreams can be a little too revealing about the way you feel about… well, yourself.

Not cool subconscious mind.

To make myself feel better/worse, I bought myself a burrito for lunch. And I had Chinese takeout for dinner last night after I worked out with my trainer, to whom I said the following:

Instead of doing pushups, I’m going to take a nap.

He wasn’t having it.

Maybe it’s the weather. I like to blame the weather. It can’t blame back. This morning I realized that I’m really not down with this whole 50 degrees in January nuttiness. It’s Chicago, it’s supposed to be cold. I can expect cold. I can prepare for cold. How do I deal with mild and grey, rainy and crappy? Do I wear the big coat? Do I bring an umbrella? It’s like…well, I guess it’s like Chicago weather March-May. But, I expect that March-May.

Damn you el Nino (or is it global warming?)! You are screwing up my life!

I'm in serious need of an lkw (*new acronym alert* lkw=low-key weekend).


Jennifer said...

Tell me about it! I had a lkw and it was NICE. Very nice and well deserved. This morning I still had a little trouble responding to people when addressed, but I'm starting to feel "normal" again. Oh, the blood was from the backs of my ankles. Yeah. Did you ever get the necklace back?

Lou said...

Glad to hear it. I am still on the hunt for the necklace. You and LP need to keep your eyes peeled for me next time you're at Byrnes... I bet he's a regular. I'm glad the blood was just from your shoes (ouch!) I was worried that there had been a fight or something!