Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cold Turkey (or Rehab is the New Black)

I woke up this morning on plane with my eyes swollen shut and a gaping hole in my cheek. Four teeth missing. Clothes covered in vomit. I had no recollection of the last two weeks.

Wait a second… that wasn’t me. That was James Frey. Well, maybe. It might not have happened like that.

I woke up this morning after five hours of sleep with one thought: I have to stop drinking… but, for real this time.

Then a moment of clarity. What if I did stop drinking? Not forever. Maybe for… let’s see, what’s a nice round, sober number?

30 days. Starting now.


Kendra said...

30 days? That's a long time. But I think you can do it!!!

@ said...

allow me to quote the words of a drunken, self-impressed college student as overheard at 3 am in a hostel in Seville: "Alcoholics have problems; drunks have friends."

Me: "Shut up and go to bed you fucking drunk." (can i say that? is this a family blog?)

I'm not implying you're a drunk, I just think this is a funny story.

Lou said...

If I'm not a drunk, are you implying that I'm an alcoholic?