Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Future [Rich Ex-] Husband

I still love the Today Show. I don’t care if it fills three hours with PR fluff passed off as news. I don’t need to know that the world is ending when I’ve only been awake for 15 minutes. I prefer to let The Daily Show surprise me with real news right before I go to bed... so I can dream about it.

The Today Show’s news (fluff) stories never fail to provide me with endless opportunities to get on my electronic soapbox (my blog) and preach to the masses (the four of you). There’s nothing I love more than the sound of my own voice on paper.

Today, the gods of morning television smiled down on me and, in honor of Valentine’s Day, bestowed us with this little gem of a news item: Does beauty plus money equal love?

I’m pretty sure we all know the answer to that rhetorical question.

So here’s the story: a New York City Web site called Pocket Change capitalizes on a cliché... rich men want beautiful woman, and... how very convenient... beautiful woman want rich men.

I’ve heard the stories about young women in Chicago who spend their hard-earned cash (or their not-so-hard-earned credit) on designer clothing and accessories, memberships to the "right" athletic clubs, dinners and drinks at swanky restaurants and bars, and apartments in wealthy neighborhoods, all in an effort to find rich husbands. It sounds like an exhausting lifestyle. In return, rich (usually older) men frequent the same establishments, in their expensive duds, all in an effort to sleep with, date, or marry (perhaps some combination of the three?) a hot, younger woman. I don’t know how successful this mating ritual is; I don’t go to these places and I don’t know these people. Pure hearsay friends. Pure hearsay.

Pocket Change came up with the brilliant idea of removing the guesswork from this process and bringing these two groups together in one room without the distraction of OK-looking woman or merely mildly successful men (the hangers on). They called it (drum roll please), Natural Selection Speed Dating. And may I just say, bravo on the title.

Additional commentary on this new dating concept really isn’t necessary. We all know that self-selecting for a dating event which only allows rich men and beautiful woman to attend suggests a little something about a person’s integrity, values, and priorities. No need to expound on that one. These people seek to find each other anyway. If they are willing to raise their hand and say loud and proud, "Sign me up" then so be it.

I’m just a little bummed I didn’t come up with the concept... (rich husband my ass hello financial freedom!) However, @, frequent View from the Park commenter and beloved co-worker, suggested that she should plan a speed dating event that paired intelligent guys with women who wear glasses. I can’t seem to think of anything cleverer than that, so I’ll just say this: Happy Valentine's Day! I love you all... mostly because you read my blog.


@ said...

thanks lou. that blog was your valentine to me.

I'd just like to add that "Intelligent guys who want to meet girls who wear glasses®" is a registered trademark of the @ corporation.

Nikkie said...

When I did speed dating I kind of wished there was some sort of criteria other than "lonely and desperate," but then again - that was me. Damn.

Laura said...

Brilliant idea @! If you organize this speed dating with intelligent men and women with glasses have Lou pass the message onto me - I'd totatlly be in.

@ said...

laura, you a clearly a woman of above average intelligence

Sarah said...

can i just say I just realized just this weekend I could comment on Lou's blog entries, and I am so excited (yes, people, i am a little slow sometimes). Expect more relevant commentaries in the near future....

Jenn said...

I've heard about this and eww. Please sign me up for the intelligent guys for girls who wear glasses. Can you please screen these guys for mental illness and past involvement in musical entities? Thanks.