Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Things that I Kept

In high school, I kept every single shred of paper that came my way. Old reports, tests, notes from friends, movie and concert ticket stubs, pictures, athletic programs, and copies of the school newspaper all found their way into a box and were saved.

I won’t deny that this hording came from a place of pure sentiment, but as I’ve gotten older the desire to hold on to every trinket has passed. Of course I keep pictures (though many of those are digital now) and I like to display my race paraphernalia via the refrigerator, but keeping every scrap of evidence that I existed seems unnecessary now. This may be partly because I can no longer stash boxes at my mom’s place 300 miles away and space is at a premium in a one-bedroom apartment, particularly storage space.

But, I do still keep one kind of random, perhaps pointless, pieces of papers... fortunes from fortune cookies, but only if they are incredibly profound, witty, or just plain good (i.e. A check you will soon receive—Yoda wrote my fortune cookie). My favorite is tacked to the bulletin board in my kitchen:

“You were right the first time.”

Crap. I knew it.

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