Monday, February 05, 2007

Your Weather is So Cold...

On Saturday, after standing outside at the bus stop on route to my gym, I decided once I returned home that I wasn’t leaving my apartment again until spring or at least until the temperature reached double digits sans a minus sign. It’s been that insanely cold in Chicago for as long as I can remember... of course, I can only remember the last four days. I believe the cold has robbed me of my memory.

I cannot stress how cold it is here. provided me accurate temperature updates when I refused to walk outside and find out for myself on Saturday evening. I probably would have guessed it was –106. It actually was 0 degrees, but according to it “felt like” –16.

It’s the kind of cold where if you breathe without stuffing your face into your scarf first, your nose hairs freeze. It’s that cold.

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