Thursday, March 22, 2007

And I Quote...

Props to Sarah who found this on
"It's definitely hard to get through that rope, but once you're in, you're in and you're part of the party," Pellegrino said. "But you know there's going to be a lot of people outside waiting."



I just don't even know... it's like a train wreck and I had to look. So I did. You'll notice on the front page that there is a slide show of pictures... potential suitors waiting patiently for me beyond the velvet ropes, I imagine.

I decided that a lot of the guys on the slide show of hottie's I could potentially meet (if I'm rated an 8 or above) were actually kind of hot. Sure, they look like douche bags (this is one of those very, very rare times I think using the term "douche bags" as an insult is appropriate, sorry if anyone finds it offensive), but yeah, they're kind of hot. The women... kind of look like strippers.

But, then again, I guess that's the idea.

@ and I are headed to Glamour Shots after work. We think we're 10s, but we're not taking any chances. It is, after all, a very exclusive club and we wouldn't want to be left waiting in line.


@ said...

i suppose they could call the site "douchebags who want to meet strippers."

then we can take it one step further and call it "any given night in wrigleyville."

Katzwinkel said...