Monday, March 12, 2007

The Deserted Island, So Peaceful, So Tranquil

I don’t remember life before cell phones. It must have been hard. If you can’t text someone, how do you find him or her in a crowded bar? It’s just not possible. Before the early 2000s, it’s as if we were all just feeling our way around in the dark, clingingly to walls for safety, accidentally groping one another, from time to time putting our hands into something unidentifiably wet and sticky. Gross.

Then suddenly, cell phones. The switch was flipped. We could find anyone, anywhere, anytime. We gladly entered a new, enlightened age of electronics…

And now... cell phones, shmell phones... that’s a given. If I’m shipping off to a deserted island, I decidedly can no longer live without the following:

My MacBook

Back in the fall when I spilled vodka on my six-year-old Titanium G4 Mac laptop, my computer options looked bleak… no longer a designer, did I really have any business shelling out the cash for a new Mac?

Would I have to buy a—GASP! —Dell? Say it ain’t so!

But you know how it is: once you go Mac, you never go back. My new MacBook was well worth the investment. It provides me with more entertainment than I ever imagined including: a built-in camera (I can just sit in front of the computer and take pictures of myself), iLife (I thought the iLife programs would be useless, but turns out... not so much. I’ve been using iWeb to create my new Web site), and of course the Internet. Thank goodness the island comes with wireless Internet access.

The Dual-tuner Tivo
The island also has electricity… and a television… and a couch.

Tivo changes lives. Ten years ago, you had to cut Thursday nights with your friends short because of those other Friends… and, admit it, most of us were willing to give up our social lives in order to passively view the only slightly more exciting social lives of Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross. Now we shake our fists defiantly at networks and their hit shows as we fast-forward through the commercials.

Some baulk at the idea of having your favorite television shows on demand, but those are also the people that think television is rotting your brain and you should go outside instead, breath fresh air, maybe hug a tree or drop peyote. I’m on an island people! How much closer to nature can I get? I personally reconciled the fact that I like television a long time ago.

Did I mention that the island is cable ready?

Lou’s Pod 2.0 (aka my iPod, and yes, I named my iPod Lou’s Pod 2.0)
Bringing SexyBack to the island is going to be quite the challenge if I can’t bust a move to JT on Lou’s Pod. The time I spend not watching my favorite Tivo-ed shows will probably be spent having my own little Dance Party Desert Island on the beach. And, I will need to stay in (and by "stay in," I mean "get in") shape since the island dress code is “clothing optional.” I certainly don’t want to be known as the island prude. And I do not hit the pavement, much less the sand, without my iPod and my Running Playlist.


Lou's Sister said...

What about Go Lean Bars? You wouldn't bring them with you to the Island? (Sorry, is that one past its prime?)

Lou said...

Until Kashi launches GPS-enabled Go Lean bars, they unfortunately do not fall under the category of electronics.

But yes... I would bring a lifetime of Go Lean bars to the island. And no... Go Lean bars are immune from being too played.

Kendra said...

So if you are on a deserted, clothing optional island, I don't think you would be considered prude if you wore clothes. Because no one else would know. It's a deserted island.

Sorry, that's the best comment I could muster up today. It's Monday.

Lou said...

I appreciate the effort Keni. :)