Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Did You See the List? It’s Not on the List

@ and I lead charmed lives. So charmed that we both accidentally took jobs at a place of business a mere two blocks away from one of this country’s greatest resources: Trader Joe’s. In addition to supplying me with many healthy, low-cost food choices, Trader Joe’s generally stocks an endless supply of my beloved Go Lean bars. I like to pick up about six for the week. But yesterday, TJ’s failed me… they were out of Go Lean bars. Eager for my daily treat, I brought up Monday’s incident today with @ while I was heating up my lunch of Taco Soup. The following is gross interpretation of the conversation:

Scene 1: Go Lean Bar Sparks a Heated Conversation Between Co-workers
Lou: Do you think Trader Joe’s got a shipment of Go Lean bars in today? Should I go over there and check or should I call?

@: I’m going over to Trader Joe’s. I’ll check for you.

Lou: Really? Awesome. Hey, if I give you $5, will you buy me $5 worth of Go Lean bars?

@: Um… I don’t know.

Lou: Seriously? You won’t pick up Go Lean bars for me?

@: It’s just that… I don’t know… I feel like your dealer or something.

Lou: You saw the list. It’s not on the list. I don’t have a problem with Go Lean bars. I mean, I don’t think having a Go Lean bar for breakfast and maybe one in the afternoon is a big deal @ sign. It’s not like I’m eating four a day or something—just one or two. And they are healthy! [Pause.] You know what… it’s cool… I’ll go myself. I can get my own Go Lean bars. I don’t want you to feel weird about it or anything.

@: It’s OK. I’ll get them.

Lou: Are you sure? Cause, you know, if you don’t want to…

@: It’s fine. I’ll get them.

Lou: OK. Cool. Well, I appreciate it.

… and scene.

Scene 2: @ Returns from Trader Joe’s Sans Go Leans Bars.

Lou: Seriously? They’re still out of Go Leans bars?

@: Yeah.

Lou: That’s crazy! I mean, who doesn’t stock enough Go Lean bars? People need their Go Lean Bars! What am I supposed to do, substitute this crappy granola bar in its place? It’s not the same! It’s just not the same…

Sad face.

... and scene.


@ said...

1) this is the second conversation that we have had re: go lean bars that you have posted.
2) have you tried whole foods? perhaps jewels?
3) lou, i am now addressing the rest of your readership: i want you to know that a co-worker just walked in front of my desk, where lou happened to be loitering. This co-worker was carrying a box, i asked "what's in the box?", and lou muttered, "go lean bars?"

Lou said...

1) I know.
2) Go Lean bars at Jewel cost $.20 more than at TJ's, and Whole Foods does not carry my favorite flavor.
3) It was a fair question.

Kendra said...

I'm thinking the Go Lean bars might have to be added to the list. At the very list, they need to be on the list of "Things Lou Needs to Survive the Day"

@ said...

3) it would be a fair question if we worked in, say, a grocery store. i probably don't have to remind you of this, but we don't.

Lou said...

I do love me a Go Lean bar.