Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Exciting Conclusion

Scene 3: Wednesday at work. Lou is still suffering from her lack of Go Lean bar goodness.

Lou: You know what goes great with my medium Dunkin Donuts coffee?

@: What?

Lou: Sighs. A Go Lean bar. But instead, I had to bring a hard-boiled egg for breakfast.

[Long Pause]

@: The city must be experiencing a shortage of Go Lean bars.

Lou: I can’t allow myself to believe that @ Sign. I know—in my heart of hearts—that there are Go Lean bars out there… somewhere in this big city… just waiting to be bought and taken home by someone who really loves them.

@: Right…

Lou: I’m going to find them. I’m going to make it my mission to find the lost Go Lean bars today.

@: Good luck with that.

Lou: Hey, @ Sign, where is that Jewel anyway?

@: State and Grand. Near the El stop.

Lou: I don’t want to walk that far. I hope Trader Joe’s finally got a shipment in.

@: It’s not that far.

Lou: Well, it’s farther than I want to walk.

[Lou leaves the office around 11:30am in search of Go Lean bars. She returns at 11:40]

@: That was quick.

Lou: Holding up a TJ’s bag for @ to see. I bought nine. They didn’t have even have them out yet. The Go Lean Crunchy Chocolate and Peanut bars were just sitting in their boxes in the aisle waiting to be unloaded.

@: Seriously?

Lou: I triumphed over adversity once again.

@: Yeah… whatever.

And… scene.


@ said...

when i picture myself having this conversation with you, i imagine my eyes are permanently rolled back in to my head.

Kendra said...

Well now I know what they look like. That will help when I go on my own Go Lean mission.

Laura said...

Since I'm going to the grocery tonight I think I'll pick up a Go Lean bar - you know since they come so highly recommended.

Also, so people don’t think Lou is alone in her food addictions – I’m addicted to popcorn. Not microwaveable popcorn, not Jiffy Pop, but the kind you pop in a pan on the stove with oil. I physically have to have it nightly or else I get pissy. Most nights I substitute it for dinner and after eating the entire batch consider making another one. My neighbors know of my addiction and come over just to see if my house will smell like popcorn – they’ve even bought me a bag of kernels when they went to the store. My lowest most shameful popcorn moment? I brought a bag of kernels with me when I went to visit my parents because I couldn’t handle the thought of not having access to it.

Lou said...

The Go Lean bars will not disappoint. If they do, I would have no other choice than to assume that something is wrong with consumer of the Go Lean bar, rather than the bar itself. @ likes Go Lean bars too, though she hasn’t admitted in a public forum like I have. This one time she had a Go Lean bar stashed in her desk and and I was jonesing for one... and she gave it to me. She’s a good friend/enabler.

@ said...

i also have a luna sunrise bar and a bag of those delicious ginger candies stashed in my desk. I will not admit to a go lean bar addiction... but do not get me started on these delicious ginger candies.

kashi said...

thank lou. your check's in the mail.

Nikkie said...

I was slightly frightened for a second, because I thought that was me in the photo behind the Go Lean bars. I thought "That's strange, I've never had a Go Lean bar...and I'm wearing a black shirt today." But it did help to put the visual in my mind of me eating a Go Lean bar. Is this all a mind trick Lou??

Lou said...

By now Nikkie, you’ve probably figured out that, no... that isn’t you. It’s @, the attractive, intelligent, witty—and lest we not forget—clever, coworker who makes frequent cameos in the rare, but crowd pleasing "conversation" posts—which are, generally, grossly exaggerated or entirely made up. At least now we all have proof she's real and not just my witty, clever, attractive, and intelligent alter-ego.

@ said...


Lou said...

We have way too much time on our hands...

Kendra said...

I experienced the peanut butter and chocolate Go Lean bar today. We do not have a Trader Joe's. However our local 7-11 is apparently health conscious and carries them. A whopping $1.69 per bar though, so I must find another supplier.