Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Mind Is A Beautiful Thing to Waste

Sarah gets mad if I don't post everyday, so in an effort to appease her and for lack of a more cohesive topic, I've decided to give you a rundown of stuff that I've been thinking about this week.

Spring: Good News/Bad News
I should have written this a few days ago when it was 70 degrees and sunny outside. Regardless of the fact that the weather guy wasn't joking when he said it was going to be cold on Wednesday, this past week gave Chicagoans a glimpse of what is to come: spring and shortly thereafter, summer.

Good news first: Warm weather equals cute boys… and they were everywhere over the weekend—hanging out on patios, biking down the street, running on the lakefront path. Either they go into hibernation during the winter or they just can't work a hat, but spring is here (sort of) and they are out and proud. And frankly, I'm out and proud for them. Let's hear it for the boys! Let's give the boys a hand!

Now before you start tossing your panties like you're front row at a Wayne Newton concert in Vegas…

There's bad news: Warm weather equals couples. I first noticed this on Saturday morning, when riding the #11 bus southbound. As I stared out the window, I noted a inordinate men and woman locked in intimate embraces on the sidewalk, gazing deeply into one another’s eyes as if to communicate to the passerby’s, “It is spring and like the flowers our love is also in bloom.” Somehow I managed to keep my Go Lean bar down.

Right Now, I'm Concerned About…
Second Life. You may or may not be familiar with this. If you're not, I'll provide you with a mediocre, if not flawed explanation otherwise known as: how I have come to understand Second Life.

Second Life is kind of like the Sims (I think. I’ve never actually played Sims). It’s an online program that allows you to create a virtual life and interact with other people who have created virtual lives in a virtual world. Hence the title… it’s literally your Second Life.

In your Second Life you can meet people, date, have sex, open a business, go dancing, fly, buy an island, visit a GM dealership, and purchase genitalia. True story. Of course you have to learn to walk first. Oh and you actually have to pay real money for these virtual goods. Apparently some people are making mucho dinero from selling virtual crap on Second Life. Corporations have also jumped on board and set up virtual shop in order to feed the ever-hungry marketing beast. You can even pick a virtual baseball cap with a Best Buy logo to wear in your Second Life. Reuters even stationed a virtual reporter in Second Life to, apparently, report the virtual news. Brilliant.

You can’t make this stuff up. And, just in case you’re still leery of this whole “second life” madness (oh how I wish it was just a figment of my imagination) I have proof… from real live journalists:

Companies Are Finding Second Life
Educators explore 'Second Life' online
My So-Called Second Life

I, for one, am staying far, far away from Second Life. Why, you ask, other than the fact that it just sounds a little creepy (I mean, come on, you have to buy your penis… that is, if you want one).

Here’s what concerns me… My first life—the one that is real—not too exciting. If I start building a Second Life, who knows what crazy virtual adventures I’ll have? Maybe I’ll be famous, like a star of a virtual reality TV show called "The Virtual World," or maybe I'll crown myself president of a virtual island, build a virtual military, and eventually attack another virtual island for reasons I will later not be able to articulate or justify. The possibilities are endless. My Second Life is sooooo awesome, I might as well stop living my first one. Reality, who needs it?

Ya’ll see what I’m saying…

St. Patty's Day Apparel
I’m going to wear my Christmas-themed t-shirt that says, “Re-gift Responsibly” for St. Patty’s Day celebrations. It’s the only thing I have that’s green… other than my green coat… and my green blazer…

I’ll post a picture of the t-shirt sometime soon. Maybe tonight if I’m feeling all photog-y.

Beyond “A View”
Most of you—or at least half of you—don't have the opportunity to experience a real-time, play-by-play of my life either via daily gmail chats or because you sit approximately 10 feet away from me for eight hours a day like @ does. You can go ahead and consider yourselves the lucky ones; however, you miss out on classic Lou moments, i.e. me trying to brainstorm a name for my new blog (like the day when I was determined to come up with a name for the blog using CTA automated messages, “Doors Closing,” “Crews Working on the Track,” “Please Give Up Your Seat,” or “Waiting for Signal Clearance”). Classic Lou.

Did I mention that I am officially the proud owner of a domain name? That's right… lou's got herself bonafide Web site and eventually, her new Web site will be the home of her new blog… if she could just come up with a name.

Sorry, I slipped into the third person momentarily, but I’m back.

I had only one criteria for this new blog name… it must be awesome… so awesome that when the site debuted my readers would breathlessly mutter, "awesome" in awe of the awesomeness before them. And yesterday, after weeks of brainstorming, I decided on something even more awesome than just one singularly awesome name: several awesome names.

Ultimately, my new blog might one day come to be called something along the lines of, “The Blog Formerly Known as A View From the Park,” or maybe just, “Lou’s Blog.” But, for the time being, I plan to change the name of my blog regularly depending on my mood or just something clever I said… or someone else said.

I do heart stealing clever phrases.


heidikins said...

Hi, first time visitor and have already added you to my list of favorite bloggers. You are funny, witty, and happen to live in one of my favorite cities.

Good luck on your New Awesome Blog - can't wait to hear all about it!

Cheers to the blog craze!

Nikkie said...

Did I tell you I was addicted to the Sims in college? Seriously on my summer breaks I would play it constantly. I thought about Second Life, but realized one part of my life would suffer and would most likely be work. Damn employment!