Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Remind Me Again

Once in awhile, when you’re strolling through Trader Joe’s for the third time in one week, you stumble upon an item that inspires this reaction:

OMG. It’s [Insert Food]. I haven’t had [Insert Food] in forever.
I used to love [Insert Food].

I filled in that blank with… wait for it… DRIED MANGO. I am so not kidding about this.

Back in the day, when I lived in Columbus, I frequented the Wild Oats in Upper Arlington… that’s where I found the infamous fat-free hummus and black bean dip featured on the list. It’s also where I stumbled upon the bulk bin filled with dried mango. If I remember correctly… and it’s unlikely that I remember anything correctly… the dried mango cost $14.99 a pound or something… it was expensive. But cost rarely serves as an effective a barrier between me and food I want to eat.

From first bite, I hearted dried mango. And, as I stood there in Trader Joe’s, face-to-face with prepackaged dried mango, I wondered why I ever stopped buying it. I checked the nutritional information (120 calories, 0 fat, 2 grams of fiber for 4 pieces). “What an excellent midday snack!” I exclaimed in my head, “And it’s only $2.99.” Trader Joe’s always come through in a clutch (except for that time when there was the whole Go Lean bar fiasco). The decision to buy the dried mango was made and into my basket it went… along with three different types of crackers, eight Go Lean bars, and crumbled goat cheese.

Good times.

Back in my office, I couldn’t wait to partake in my new snacking sensation. I cut open the bag of dried mango and went to town. It was sweet and it was chewy and it was delicious and I realized I could potentially plow through a bag of it like nobody’s business.

And then, four servings of dried mango later, it occurred to me…

I had stopped buying dried mango because I couldn’t stop eating dried mango. Crap. Back on the list you go.


heidikins said...

Dried mango... sounds fascinating! I only really like dried apricots... which really means I don't like dried apples (ick!) dried bananas (too brown), dried pears (not sweet enough) or dried grapes (raisens are simply depressed grapes, they're creepy). However - I am somehow inspired to check the organic market around the corner for dried mango - something that good (eating the whole bag in one sitting) is something to be tried immediately!

Kendra said...

I don't think I can handle the dried mango. I just discovered my dried cranberries have 27 g of sugar in them. Oops. I can't be wasting half of my daily intake of sugar on 1 tbsp of dried cranberries. Damn you Ocean Spray!