Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Almost Famous

I realize that you’re waiting with bated breath to hear the outcome of the Dating for Nerds event. I am too. So is @. Unfortunately, as I was preparing my thoughts for the recap/review of last night, @ and I had a conversation—not Go Lean bar related—that derailed my entire morning.

@: Have you seen Katzwinkel’s latest post?

Lou: No, why? Did he post something?

@ (laughs): Yeah.

Lou (paranoid): What?

@ (laughs again): You need to read it.

Lou (still paranoid): Why? Is it about me or something?

@ (laughs yet again): You need to read it.

Lou (convinced @ is mocking her): OK...

So I did. And while most people may not broadcast the fact that they were featured in a blog titled, Something Something Hate Something, I decided after about four re-readings, that it was, in its own way, flattering… or something.


@ said...

@: Lou, why does your blog always make me sound snarky?

Lou (concerned): i thought you liked it that way :(

Katzwinkel said...

"3. Remember to be nice to the boys."

Kendra said...

When is the Nerd Dating post going up? I need some distraction.