Saturday, April 28, 2007

Conversations with My Family

I swear the following phone conversations are true... pretty much... as far as I can remember.

Lou: Ma-ommmmm… my knee hurts… and my calf huuuurts too.

Mom: Well, I’m sorry Lou. Stop running.

Lou: Mom! I’m not going to stop running!

Mom: Then it’s your own fault.

Lou: Thanks Mom. Thanks. That’s real supportive. You're very helpful.
Lou: Hi Gram.

Grandma: Hello dear. What's going on, honey?

Lou: My knee and calf hurt.

Grandma: Your knee and your hat?

Lou: No Gram. My knee and my calf.

Grandma: Your ass!?!

Lou: No Gram. My leg. My leg hurts. Just... nevermind.
Lou: Hello Sarah.

Sarah: Hello Lou.

Lou: My knee and calf are killing me.

Sarah: That’s nice.

Lou: Whatever.

Sarah: I’ll see you in hell.

Lou: Yeah? Well, not if I see you first. Assclown.


Katzwinkel said...

My hat hurts.

Sarah said...

That is too funny -- I just imagine your grandma saying 'ass' and laugh; have a good week!