Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Glasses. No Glasses.

I love marketing. And by love, I mean that I find a certain level of amusement in companies' efforts to woo me with direct e-mail messages. Take, for instance, the one I received yesterday from Chemistry.com, the sister site of Match.com for those singles who are actually "serious" about finding a mate. The subject line read: Lou - Find Love This Tax Day.

I opened it. Not because I have any interest in joining, but I wanted to hear the punch line:
Finding Love Shouldn’t Be Taxing! Let Chemistry.com return love to your life. Complete your Free Personality Profile Today to start seeing your returns come in!
Oh. OK. That’s where they were going... like a tax return... I get it. That’s clever. I guess. Not really. In fact, the ad agency should probably be fired.

To recap, that’s a big N-O to Chemistry.com. Thanks, but no thanks, I have my own plan for mixing tax day with potential romance.

Oh yes, that’s correct... there is a plan. And @ is involved. Of course she is.

You may remember on Valentine’s Day I shared a story, which had been featured on the Today Show about a speed dating service in New York that connects rich men with beautiful women. In response, @, in all her cheeky glory, came up with the brilliant idea that she should plan a dating event that pairs intelligent men with women who wear glasses.

Turns out, that concept already exists. Sort of.

Through a series of random events that began with a Euchre game played at Guthries, a bar I had never been to, I found my way to a dating event that aims to play matchmaker to smart boys and vision-challenged women. As a worshipper of the almighty Internet, I prefer to gather as much information about an establishment via the Web before I actually patronize it. I am, after all, a lover of knowledge above all else.

While researching Guthries, whose gimmick is games—the bar has a shelf filled with every board game you can possibly imagine—I stumbled across Dating for Nerds, an event that is held there once a month. Intrigued, I followed the link to nerdsatheart.com.

Now granted, for people who claim to be nerds, the Web site could use some sprucing up, but the premise—meet like-minded people ("nerds") in a low-pressure environment (over board games and beverages)—seemed like sound proposition. After perusing the photo galleries from past events and reading a few reviews, I determined that the people looked normal and it generally sounded non-threatening and fun.

I presented a plan to attend Nerds at Heart to @, who had read about the event in a Time Out Chicago article several months ago. We agreed that it was worth checking out. So in the interest of research, trying new things, meeting new people, and generally moving away from comfort zones and towards the Best.Summer.Ever.© we’re going. It’s tonight.

I have laid out a few personal ground rules for the evening:
  1. Be nice to the boys.
  2. Don’t become too competitive regardless of the game and the outcome.
  3. Remember to be nice to the boys.
  4. Try not to curse excessively.
That leaves only one remaining question: Glasses or no glasses?


Kendra said...

No glasses - you will stand out amongst the nerds. I can attest to this - I have been the sole female in the nerdy IT department.

Lou's Sister said...

Rule #5: If one fails at following rules 1, 2, 3, and 4, it's not an excuse to become belligerently drunk.

Lou said...

It's funny because it's true.

Nikkie said...

In the pictures were there lots of glasses? I'm wondering if the nerds, in all their smartness, will be doing the same reverse psychology...if I don't wear glasses I'll stand out. As a nerd myself, and a huge proponent of glasses, I would do the reverse, reverse psychology and keep the glasses on. Ya with me?