Sunday, April 22, 2007

Oh The People We'll Meet

Granted, it's not the best show of camera phone photography, but that's me on Saturday sporting some stickers and posing with a paper mache animal that a few particularly ambitious patrons decided to drag to the bar with them. What the hell is that anyway? A skunk? I'm waving at the camera, as if to say, "Look at me world! I'm at making friends with locals and their life-size inanimate objects." It doesn't get better than that. And no, I don't know who that guy behind me is. And no, I don't know who took the picture. What I do know is that the skunk thing had a name. It was Sasha or Sacquash. It was kind of a weird night.


Katzwinkel said...

Upon first glace, the sign on the awning in the background looks as if it says, "Mental Clinic."

alex from the pubcrawl said...

holy skunk! that's my shoulder in the right side of the picture.

@ said...

I think you should change the title of your blog to "A View From the Square."

Also, Katzwinkel's observation explains so much from that evening.