Tuesday, May 08, 2007

10 Things I Love About Lou

Last night should have been productive. Last night needed to be productive. Laundry should have been done; dinner should have been made; my lunch should have been packed. Instead, I got home from the gym and ate crackers while lying on the couch, laptop propped on my stomach, half clicking through Myspace pages, blogs, and old emails, half watching Heroes (and that beautiful man who plays Dr. Suresh). Men that beautiful shouldn't be allowed to exist; they distract me from the bright, glowing screen.

Sometimes I wonder about the purpose of my life. Still... after all this time.

So while absentmindedly clicking through my usual rundown of friends’ and strangers’ blogs, I came across Heidikin's post from Friday, May 4, which I thought was good times. In it, she listed 10 fun facts that someone like me… someone who has never met her, but reads her blog… wouldn't know about her.

I immediately said something to myself along the lines of, “I want to write a post with 10 fun facts about Lou!!!” And, I got all excited. Then I had an internal battle. "Would that be weird if I totally copied her idea and did it too?" Eh. That’s how I reconciled it and besides, the people need something to read! So, in conclusion, I am copying Heidi’s post for the people. I hope she doesn't mind.

10 Things To Love About Lou
  1. Sometimes I have all these intense thoughts, but I can't keep them in my head long enough to write them down.
I don’t know why I had to write that... I just did. It’s a quote from Sex and the City, season 1, the episode titled “Models and Mortals.” I couldn’t actually find the exact quote on the Internet so let’s assume it’s loose, at best. Here’s the real list:
  1. My name—my full first name—means, "fights with honor." I also am a huge fan of camouflage print and, in general, anything army green, including army-inspired clothing. I feel compelled to list these two facts together as though they are somehow related, so I have.
  2. I have a hard time remembering anything about my childhood. I used to think this was because I was blocking it out for some horrible reason, but the other day when I asked Keni to explain to me the title of my post, This Is Not Here (yes, you read that right. I had to ask Keni to explain it to me, and I freaking wrote it! I knew it was an inside joke between the two of us when we were kids, I just couldn't remember what it meant) it occurred to me that I may just have a bad memory.
  3. I was a cheerleader. Oh yeah, for like six years, and… AND… I am proud of it. Why? Because I was good. Not University of Kentucky good, but really, pretty damn good. In fact, one of my biggest regrets is that I did not try out for my college's squad (my other biggest regret is my last relationship... Haha! Couldn't resist). I had my priorities though. Substance abuse trumped athletics at 18. Regardless, I think Bring It On is an awesome (A-W-E-S-O-M-E) movie, and I will squeal with delight anytime I come across a cheerleading competition broadcast on ESPN. Semi-related side note: Once my college roommate and I got into a 20-minute fight about whether we were going to watch CMT or a cheerleading competition on ESPN. I hated CMT and somehow, during the course of our likely PMS-induced argument, I ended up in tears. True story.
  4. I grew up in Dublin, Ohio, a town where the "powers that be-ed" determined that constructing a field of cement corn was an appropriate use of taxpayer funds.
  5. Since I turned 18, I have lived in: Athens, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; Evanston, Illinois; Troy, Michigan; Boston, Massachusetts (admittedly it was for, like, three weeks, but I went there with the intention of staying, it just didn't work out that way, but I think it counts); and Chicago. And I still, even with my age, wisdom, and the knowledge that I would not be able to maintain my current lifestyle, dream about packing it all in and living the life in New York City. I'm not exactly sure what that "life" would entail, though I doubt it would involve a personal trainer, Tivo, or a one bedroom apartment. I would live in a shoebox and eat Ramen noodles out of a plastic container... with a plastic fork... and get in workouts by running from muggers...
  6. I don't drive. I don't want to drive. In fact, going on two years without a car, it's likely that you won't want me to drive either. To me this means that I am slave to the Chicago Transit Authority. And, if I could have one superpower it would be teleportation, so I could just close my eyes, and click my heels, and be home. Screw you CTA!
  7. I have a subscription to the Chicago Tribune. It is delivered to my apartment building’s doorstep three times a week and I refuse to pick it up. Every time… I just look at the ground and think, “Crap, I need to cancel that.” And it just sits there… until I, or somebody, eventually throws it in a trashcan. And yes, I realize I am a horrible person, and by not picking up my paper I am somehow contributing to the demise of our environment, global warming, the de-beautification of my apartment’s courtyard, hunger in Africa, the war in Iraq, the flooding in the Midwest, the fall of democracy, and the perpetuation of uninformed American masses, but I am lazy… L-A-Z-Y. I don’t want to read the paper. I don’t even want to pretend that I want to read the paper. And, if the Chicago Tribune made it easy for me to cancel my subscription, it would have been canceled months ago. But, they don't make it easy; they make it hard, and as I mentioned earlier, I am lazy.
  8. As a teenager, I was in seven car accidents (this is an estimation; Sarah might be able to verify). One time I hit a fire hydrant because I was trying to light a cigarette while I was driving down the street in my cheerleading uniform to pick up my best friend/fellow cheerleader for a pre-game dinner. The cop asked me two questions: how did you manage to hit the fire hydrant, and are you in the band? I answered, respectively, I looked down to change the radio station and accidentally veered off of the road, and no sir, I am not in the band; do I look like I'm in the band? Please consult numbers 3 and 6 if you need additional information about cheerleading and/or driving.
  9. At the bright-eyed and ready-to-face-the-world age of 21, I decided to pursue a career in public relations because (and I’m quoting myself here), "I like people and I like to write." Eloquently stated, but as it turned out, I was only half right.
  10. It's the last one… got to make it a good one… so much pressure… everybody is watching… I have a "thing" for men with facial hair, preferably beards. Yeah. I said it. And no, I don't think Santa Claus is hot, you sick, messed up people.
Talk about anti-climactic.


Kendra said...

So who drove in Dallas, you or your mom? Cause someone in a rental car cut me off on Saturday and I thought maybe the driver was a blonde...

Lou said...

My mom drove. And she told everybody that I made her drive. You know, it's really not my fault. I was doing what was best for everyone involved... but mostly, for me. Haha.

heidikins said...

Love this! I'm particularly happy that you incorporated a Sex & the City quote in there. I may (or may not) own all six seasons on DVD... and I may (or may not) watch them on a constant loop. Sigh, I heart Carrie Bradshaw!

@ said...

this was educational.

didn't you live in detroit as well?

and what was that about susbstance abuse? Would that explain why you forget that you lived in detroit?

Lou said...

I used the word "abuse" loosely. It was substance use, which some people would consider, by default, to be abuse.

And no, I didn't forget Detroit. Troy is a suburb and that's where GM placed me for the summer... they also paid for my housing, so I was cool with it. I lived near a big mall and the apartment complex had a swimming pool, which I rarely used because it was generally too cold to run around in a bathing suit. Michigan is not a warm place. But, it's a lovely place. I actually had a blast living in the Detroit-area. People often look at me funny when I say that.

Jossely said...

I couldn't agree more with you concerning to #10...
I also have that 'thing'...