Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Baby Steps to the Start Line

You know me… I’m all about compromise. You give a little; I’ll give a little:

Lou: Nikkie... question re: half marathon...
Are you there?

(40 minutes later)

Nikkie: Hey, I saw you were writing me but I got called in to a meeting. What's up?

(40 minutes later)

Lou: You there now? I just got out of a meeting.
I was wondering if you were going to train with CES at all. Like, are you going to go the first few week?

Nikkie: I want to go on Saturday.

Lou: Does it start this weekend?

Nikkie: I believe so

Lou: Crap... you're right.

(The following is a visual representation of me thinking… hard-like)


Alright... I'm in.

Nikkie: I think it's a 4-miler

Lou: That's nuttin...
Ummm… BTW... if you're going... do you think it would be possible to pick my ride moochin' ass up on the way? I will help pay for parking and/or coffee.

Nikkie: :) Of course. I can pick you up as long as you don't mind my ghetto vehicle which hasn't been washed in over a year, is missing a hubcap, and the paint is peeling off!

Lou: I think I'll manage. So long as I don't have to suffer the CTA at 6am on a Saturday.

It is done.


Nikkie said...

I forgot to mention that the muffler is going on my car. So not only is it ugly, but it is ugly and LOUD. People will stare.

Kendra said...

GO LOU! You will be fantastic.