Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I truly believe the term "social networking" is nothing more than a euphemism for "armchair stalking" and that MySpace was created for the sole purpose of spying on other people from a safe, no-threat-of-a-restraining-order distance. The price of admission is that you have to agree to let others spy on you... I feel like it's worth it.

So, the other day I was snooping around on MySpace, and I stumbled upon the profile of someone I have not seen in 10 years. There he was... the ex-roommate of my first "serious" boyfriend who I dated when I was 18 years old. Shortly before I met them in the summer of 1997, Ark, the boyfriend, and Hiran, the roommate, had taken up residence in an apartment near the Ohio State campus. "The Apartment" (as it was called) quickly became the hang out of choice among their friends, a group of musicians.

After the initial courtship, Ark and I didn’t spend quality time alone so much as we spent time, the quality of which I suppose is questionable, with his roommate and their friends, sitting around The Apartment, listening to music, playing instruments, drinking, smoking, and doing God knows what else. Looking back, I realize I had inadvertently cast myself in the roll of "groupie" for a band that always seemed to be on the verge of forming.

But, despite the fact that my entire summer was basically an intoxicated version of Groundhog Day, I believed I was having a blast, primarily because Hiran, who eventually emerged as the person I have the fondest memories of from that moment in my life, kept me entertained with antics I cannot even begin to give justice to by describing here. But, he… HE… was funny.

Anyway, while walking to the gym yesterday, I was telling @ about Hiran and how I found him on MySpace and freaked out, friend requested him, and then left him a comment about how he still makes my list of the “Funniest People I’ve Ever Known.”

@: You have a list?

Lou: Well… you know... it’s just in my head... it’s not like written down or anything.

@: Am I on it?

Lou (pauses, flustered): Um… I guess… Sure! Sure... you’re on it. You’re funny.

@: What number am I?

Lou: Twelve.

@: How do I go about moving up on the list?

Lou: Ummm

@: Who’s number one?

Lou (stops and looking quite serious, turns to @): Who do you think?

@: You.

Lou (resumes walking): Did you even have to ask?


heidikins said...

Haha! Hilarious! (You, dear Lou, and the "list"ness of your humor rankings)


@ said...

that's lou for you... always looking out for #1.

(get it? there's two meanings. i should at least be bumped up to 8 or 9 for that.)

@ said...

ok, the fact that i just had to explain that to you tells me i'm not getting bumped up.

Lou said...

It's true; I made @ her explain her comment to me. I didn't get the "double meaning" part. Truth be told, I still don't ("You mean, like... I'm literally looking for myself? I'm like lost? Or like I'm soul searching... trying to find the "true" Lou within me?").

@, I hereby grant you two spots for putting up with me. That makes you #10. Don't get greedy on me. You gotta earn it sister.

Kendra said...

I think we need a full blog listing the ranks. Also a detailed outline of how to increase your ranking, or how to report unfunniness by people ranked above you.

Laura said... least you're modest.

Lou said...

People are always telling me that...