Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another Tuesday Morning

Tuesday is Weigh Day.

Every other day of the week, I keep my scale safely tucked away in its special hiding place, out of sight and out of mind, in an attempt to discourage excessive weighing, and the emotional turmoil that inevitably accompanies a day’s worth of gaining and losing three or so pounds.

I realize haven’t posted about losing weight since February when I mentioned that yes, progress was being made, but momentum was lagging. In January, when I got serious about focusing on weight loss and gave my burnt-the-hell-out self some time off from running, in my head, I “projected” that by June I would be approximately the size of 1.5 Olsen twins.

Sadly, the process never became the dramatic extreme makeover characteristic of a Biggest Loser contestant. It probably could have been… if I ate more salads, dined out less, and yes… gave up alcohol. But, I refused, did what I thought was reasonable, and so it went… a pound here, a pound there…

I accepted the slow, but steady approach sometime in March when I realized that the fleeting, yet expected derailments from all things healthy (aka the "bad weeks") were not resulting in astronomical leaps back up the scale. It occurred to me then that my body was adjusting with the weight loss as it happened. Had I taken the ever-popular crash diet route, I would have probably lost and regained twenty pounds by now.

And so… another pound… another Tuesday…

Usually, I know what’s going to happen before I step on the scale. I know if I’ve lost or if I’ve gained; I know if nothing has happened. Regardless, I tend close my eyes in an attempt to magically will the number to be lower. Strictly scientifically speaking, I have not found any evidence to support this method.

Today though, my intuition lacked any real direction. I stepped on the scale not knowing what to expect, stared down at the number, and briefly wondered if I had a tapeworm. Suddenly when I added it all up, a pound here and there had become a fairly significant amount -- a number that I have not seen on a scale in -- let's say -- a while.

The mild shock subsided and I put the scale away (out of sight and mind)... until next Tuesday.

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