Friday, June 29, 2007

The Distance

Tomorrow we run… wait for it… nine miles. Oh yeah. That some serious distance right there. I have no doubt it’s going to be awe-some. That is, unless it sucks. Eh… you never can tell.

This past week or so has probably been the most slacker-fabulous I’ve had in months. Business travel is never – let’s say – conducive to working out and eating, you know, food that isn’t crap. NO… I don’t want a fucking salad for dinner after I’ve been busting it on an exhibit floor for approximately 10 hours. That ain’t never gonna happen. Instead, I'm going to have... fish and chips (Stella); sushi (pinot grigio); crab cake sandwich (some kind of pale ale); hummus and pita bread (Magic Hat #9); massive amount of buffet food (vodka tonics). Do you guys see all the non-Miller Lite beer that I drank? I was so proud of me.

Quick side note: I forgot to mention that while in D.C. I fell in LOVE with this place. Chipotle, eat your fucking heart out. You have been replaced (thank God... California Tortilla does not exist here in Chicago... however, I may be opening the first franchise).

Anyway, back to my point... I’m better than I used to be. Since last Thursday, when I landed in DC, I managed a two mile treadmill run on Friday, a one mile treadmill run as well as some weights on Saturday, and a four mile run around D.C. on Monday. Not great, but it could have been worse… this much we know is true.

However, never one to disappoint, we head south from here. When I got back to Chicago, the slacking continued in a BIG way. Tuesday, once home from the airport, I spent the majority of the day lying on the couch. Wednesday, I had a hair appointment. Thursday, well… Thursday I gave up on life a little… and decided the best remedy for giving up was forcing my sister to listen to me whine on the phone for approximately 45 minutes, Thai takeout complete with crab Rangoon, and NBC’s shitty summer primetime programming (Last Comic Standing… anyone?).

Works every time (a girl can only wallow in self-pity for so long; there are things to be done!).

I got my groove back today in a major way. First, I practically begged my trainer kick my ass this afternoon (I also mentioned to him that I wanted to focus more on my core muscles). And he rarely disappoints. Ask, my friends and you shall receive. Then, if that weren’t enough for one day, my running buddy Meg called me moments after I arrived home from training with TR and G. She mentioned in the course of the conversation that she was all dressed up… for running, yet was struggling to decide whether or not she would actually go.

“What if…” I said tentatively, “I went with you?”

And we were off… easy 30 minute run around the neighborhood. I am a little worried that an hour of strength training coupled with a run will be too much considering the distance tomorrow, but I guess we'll find out. For the moment, a run was exactly what I needed (dear God am I one of those people?).

Tomorrow we run... distance-style.

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heidikins said...

I'm sorry.. what about you isn't healthy? Ok, so you eat some "crap" things every so often... but you are willing AND able to work with a trainer for an hour, AND THEN go on a run with a friend, ya know, just for fun....

I'm getting tired just reading this.