Tuesday, June 05, 2007

On Glue

My Saucony’s have that new car smell. They were delivered to my office by one of the guys in the mail room who a gave me a look when he handed me the box. He knew. He knew that I had a personal item shipped to work. Not cool.

[Note to self: Find employee handbook. Determine what constitutes grounds for dismissal.]

I smiled as sweetly as I could and tried my best to convey innocence (or maybe that was ignorance) with my eyes as I grabbed the box.

For me? You shouldn’t have.

I ripped open the box and did the first thing I could think to do... I smelled my new running shoes. And then thought about driving 13.1 miles...

I mean running... running 13.1 miles.


Laura said...

Uh-oh........I have personal packages delivered to work all the time! Im never home so I could never sign for them. Now I'm praying work finds out and fires me. I could only be so lucky......

heidikins said...

There are only a few things that smell better than new shoes.