Friday, June 15, 2007

On Seven

In honor of tomorrow morning’s seven-mile run… here are seven thoughts that have been making their way around my brain today…

#1 The Long of It
I imagine everyone who runs has a “scary mile,” the mile where you think failure has the potential to be imminent. When I started running, it mile was one. Now, it’s mile nine. I figure, if I can get through nine miles, I sure as hell can run 13.1. Am I right? But, tomorrow is not that day. Tomorrow we run seven miles, which isn’t too scary, but seven miles is definitely distance. Five miles… six miles… sure that’s “far.” But seven miles. That’s serious business. And so tomorrow, in my opinion, we cross over into real “distance” running. Godspeed.

#2 Some Like It Hot
So I checked weather dot com today to see what nature had in store for tomorrow’s run. And it is all about the Heat, my friends. High of 92 degrees and sunny in the morning. There’s a difference between running and running in heat. Nausea and other uncomfortable symptoms (headaches, chills) that have, in the past, accompanied my long runs, are generally less about distance and more about heat. Whatever. I love pain. Bring it on.

#3 Banking on Crazy
What was it last year? Apprehension? Anxiety? Dread? Paralyzing fear? All of the above? Yeah. That sounds about right.

Running is often an exercise in pushing yourself to do something that you really aren’t sure is possible; but it’s also a lesson in humility, learning your body’s limits, and respecting those limits. That said… I am practically giddy about tomorrow’s run. This will be a great indicator of how my body has changed and adjusted since I began running almost a year and a half ago. Which isn’t to say that the possibility of failure doesn’t exist (everyone has bad days and bad runs); I just don’t expect failure like I did before. I expect awesomeness. I accept set-backs.

#4 The Art of Explanation
Lou, what was up with the ending of yesterday’s post? I don’t know… I just… lost steam. Or something. Got annoyed with myself. I was in a bad mood. OK… But why did you end it like that? Let me respond to that with a story. In a creative writing class in college, a professor told us about when he was living and writing in London. He was working on an essay one day about buying a coat when he looked out the window of his apartment only to witness a biker getting hit by a car. It was so jarring, he wrote it into the essay. Of course, his publisher was not happy with it, but he was unable to go back and change it because it was authentic… his experience writing of that piece would forever be entangled with witnessing the accident. But Lou, that really has nothing to do with your blog. I know. I guess my point is… it’s my stuff. Being pissed off while writing that post was part of my experience of writing that post, so I let it be. It’s authentic. Whatever. Stop asking me questions.

#5 Narcissus From Behind
I am having a Great Ass Day. Maybe it’s the jeans... While I am, admittedly, not one to shy away from a mirror, it’s definitely not characteristic for me to have to turn my body ever so slightly as I pass reflective store windows so I can get a good look at my behind. I'm not sure what kind of ego trip this is, but I cannot stop checking out my ass. I’m generally not so enthralled with my ass. I don’t go out of my way to look my ass on most days. I don't think my ass is that special. Maybe when TR kept telling me he it was his personal mission to make sure I had one of the best butts in town, he wasn't kidding. Huh.

#6 Rolling Down the Mountain
Hey Sarah... Happy Birthday. Welcome to my side of the mountain.

#7 BFFs
Want a friend for life? Call me "skinny." I'll guarantee your admission into Heaven. Not that I really have a say in that... but I'm not above doing it anyway.

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