Tuesday, June 19, 2007

This World is Small and Incestuous

It’s a busy week, my people. I have a six day business trip to Washington D.C. for our BIG conference coming up. And ya’ll know how I feel about business travel. It’s not my fav.

But, lucky for me… my pace leader just happens to be going to the same BIG conference in Washington D.C. So instead of having a valid excuse to miss the scheduled eight-mile run this week, she and I are going to hit the road together in our nation’s cap-e-tal. It should be a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

In other D.C.-bound news, my most recent ex-boyfriend also happens to be an attendee at the BIG conference. Considering that the BIG conference will actually draw about 20,000 people (I told you it was BIG), it’s likely that he and I will never cross paths. But, knowing my luck

I will be caught off guard.

I discussed with @ whether or not it would be best to launch preemptive strike against seeing/not seeing the ex-boyfriend:

@: No.

Anyway, what is this?

If I did this, my entries would look like:

I just ate a Go Lean bar. posted by lou @ 8:38 AM

I just ate another Go Lean bar. posted by lou @ 8:38 AM

I went to Trader Joe’s and they were out of Go Lean bars. posted by lou @ 8:38 AM

Jewel was out of Go Lean bars too. posted by lou @ 8:38 AM

I’m hoping to find some Go Lean bars so I can take them to DC. posted by lou @ 8:38 AM

What is with this shortage of Go Lean bars? posted by lou @ 8:38 AM

By the way, Trader Joe’s was also out of red pepper spread. posted by lou @ 8:38 AM

Why is do guys find "stripper hot" so appealing? posted by lou @ 8:38 AM

Does Aldo really think that people who don't slide down poles for cashola will buy these shoes? Well, not firemen. Well... maybe some firemen...
posted by lou @ 8:38 AM

Dude you guys have to check this out! It's awesome... posted by lou @ 8:38 AM

I think I offended some old lady on the train today when I offered her my seat. She refused. Really, I didn't care because God knows I didn't want to get up anyway.
posted by lou @ 8:38 AM

I think Harry is the hotter of the two princes. Probably because he's the bad prince. And young. Hmmmmm...
posted by lou @ 8:52 AM

What should I eat for lunch? Probably Subway.
posted by lou @ 11:25 AM

I forgo-ed (the cheese was forgone?) the cheese today on my sub. Sadface. Do you ever wonder whether or not the people at Subway are actually doing what you ask? Like, when I say, "Lite mayo," maybe the woman behind the counter thinks, "Whatever bitch," and slathers my sandwich with the fatty stuff? I worry about that sometimes.
posted by lou @ 12:18 PM

No wait. That's not how it happened. Jewel wasn't actually out of Go Lean bars... I just bought all of them. It just wasn't enough. And now they are out of Go Lean bars.
posted by lou @ 1:09 PM

I would post 1,000 inane thoughts a day. It would be like talking to me... or rather me talking at you... sans the filter. No one wants that... do they?


Sean said...

You know they sell Go Lean bars in DC...when are you going to be in DC, we should grab a drink or dinner.

Lou said...

But what if they aren't the right Go Lean bars? Huh? What then?

I'm in DC starting tomorrow through the weekend. If you're around, we should definitely meet up. That would be fun!

Dena said...

I LOVE go lean bars! Crunchy peanut butter and chocolate - They now sell them by the mixed box at the Costco here in Clearwater. But then, what do you do with all the carmel ones that neither your husband or I eat!

Any takers?