Monday, June 18, 2007

Wide Open Spaces

Updates all around…

Ain’t No Party
In preparation for Saturday’s seven-mile run, I kept my drinking to a minimum on Friday night (happy hour with two glasses of wine, which, by the way, was still enough for me to be rather nonchalant about risking my life when I strolled into Anthropologie at 7:45pm – 15 minutes before closing – and the shop girls informed me that they suspected the store had a gas leak. I responded that it was “no biggie” and I would “take my chances” because finding a hot ass dress was “way more important than my personal safety…” Still is. And frankly, had there been an explosion, it would have literally killed two birds with one stone, as I would no longer need the dress because I wouldn’t be going to the place that required the dress anyway. Problem solved. But I digress…).

I made my way back to my apartment around 9pm and spun myself into an eating frenzy. Starving, I devoured three quesadillas, and then rummaged through my half empty pantry for anything that wouldn’t require preparation. A half-eaten bag Oriental Rice Crackers from Trader’s Joes presented itself as the only item that fit the criteria. I ate the remainder of the bag and went to bed with a stomachache.

Just As Fast As We Can
I should stuff my face with crackers more often.

Overeating Friday night served me well on Saturday morning when I kicked some serious boo-tey on the lakefront path. Our group kept a pretty solid 12-minute pace, which I realized is a little too slow for me. I picked up speed the last half mile and finished the run by my lonesome. I’ve decided that the next time we have a cutback week, I’m going to run with the 11-minute pace group, just to see if I can keep up. But, Good Times Saturday morning! After the run, I had a bagel with real (read: not low fat) cream cheese from Einstein’s. Yum.

Indecent Footwear
I’ve had a bit of a shopping problem lately, so when I walked past Aldo on Michigan Avenue this afternoon and noticed the five foot wide red sign with block red lettering - SALE - I figured I had no choice, but to respect the opportunity. However, I was semi-shocked by the new summer collection, which, in a word, can only be described as Stripperfabulous.

Strange in a Stranger’s Land
I had the opportunity this weekend to experience a little of, “The Illinois” from the back seat of a car driven by someone who I 1) didn’t have to pay and 2) could understand. It was… to quote Bill and/or Ted… an excellent adventure.

An explanation: As a transplant lacking my own transportation, my world (or the world that I am routinely conscious of) is Chicago. Ask me what I consider “Southern Illinois” and I’ll tell you, “Anything south of Printer’s Row.” There is Chicago, there are the airports, there are the places I can go on an El train. And then, there is The Vast Illinois, which is big, undefined, and filled with towns that have names I will never remember. Whenever I’m in The Illinois, I’m all wide-eyed and filled with wonderment at the reality that all of this exists outside of the city.

It’s not meant to be a pretentious attitude, considering I come from here (I’m going to start referring to my hometown as Concretecornville, Ohio). But, nonetheless, it’s always a treat to experience The Illinois.


Stitch said...

I need to exercise!

Katzwinkel said...

If you want to sound pretentious, refer to the state housing Chicago as Chez Illinois and pronounce it, "Ill-eh-nwah."