Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Almost Famous: The Apology

Please note comment #2 on my previous post.

We all know I love to write about people who write about me. But, admittedly, there is one person who has written about me twice who I left off of the list... for a very stupid reason. I'm here today to make things right. Unfortunately, I have to go into a bit of an explanation as to why I omitted the things I omitted, and I hope Dena doesn't mind.

As you all know, I dated this guy for a couple of months recently and was "let go" in June. Well, in the course of dating him, I met a lot of his friends. Many... no... most of whom, I really liked (except that one guy... WTF was with that guy?).

Dena is one of his friends. She and I bonded over a few drinks at a wedding last month, talked about running and The L Word, among other things. It was great. Then things between what's-his-name and I ended.

After meeting me, Dena wrote about how I inspired her to start running, which... is nothing short of awesome.

In truth, I didn't write about her writing about me because of him. I guess I didn't want to feel like I was "moving in" on his territory... not that Dena was "his territory" but you know, they've known each other a long time. Anyway, I'm totally lame. Never let a man dictate the decisions you make about your blog.

Lesson... consider yourself learned.

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