Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Almost Famous: Go Big or Go Home

You guys know I can't resist myself. It's part of my charm. That is why when the people write about me, I must report on it because frankly, I happen to find myself to be fascinating.

In a very special edition of Almost Famous, we have confirmed that I received mentions in not one, but two, blogs over the past few days. Two!

First, B-Kay of Fifty Down and Marathon Bound, shared her thoughts about Saturday's long run. I cameo in her post as the nameless chick lamenting her choice to eat Mexican for the previous night's dinner and the runner who is nearly taken out by a bicyclist, and I can't help but agree with her assessment of our group's collective attitude of the day was that eight miles was cake. (Ummm... cake).

Second, I was very accurately portrayed as "the funniest person... ever..." in a post on Heidikins blog. And that is almost a direct quote...

In case you needed a second opinion... yes... Heidi was in Chicago on business this past weekend, and we had an opportunity to have lunch (OK... she had lunch, I had already eaten two breakfasts because I could not decide between ordering a bagel and ordering quiche, so I ordered - and ate - both. True story.) and wander around downtown a bit on Sunday before she hoped on a plane back to Utah. I was excited to meet her, as she is one of my few (maybe my only?) straight up, organic, no-connections-what-so-ever blogger friends. Sure I wondered offhandedly if others would think it was weird, but I didn't really care, and @ assured me that it wasn't (doesn't everyone meet on the Internet these days? Isn't that why Myspace and Match.com and MMORPGs were created?). Oh and nice photo, Heidi! Check out my awesome headband purchased two days prior at Heartland Cafe.

And, I can safely report that both of us are completely normal. At least she is. Me... well, we expect a verdict any... day... now.

Anyway, I should get back to my Second Life.


Lou's Sister said...

I must admit, when I talked to you Sunday and you asked me to guess who you had just met, I was slightly disappointed when my first guess, “Oprah,” was incorrect. But I’m glad you got to meet Heidikins. Thank you World Wide Web for bringing strangers together.

Dena said...

Ah Hem!?!?!

heidikins said...

Dear Lou's Sister: I'm so sorry I wasn't Oprah - I can understand your disappointment. But I want you to know that I'm taking pills and injections to increase my Oprah-ness, and perhaps next time I come to Chicago I'll be at least 12% towards true Oprah-hood.

Lindy said...

You crack me up! Love the blog!