Friday, July 13, 2007

Fair Warning

Brain still not working in story-form.

We Ride We Ride
OMG You guys… guess where I went?!?!

No… no… guess…

Trader Joe's!

I know… I know… I can frequently be spotted at the neighborhood TJ's…

But guess how I got there.

In my new Zipcar.

Speaking of the Homeless
I had a very Scrubs-esque moment at work yesterday when I went off into a daydream-y state and imagined myself telling two young children about how daddy and mommy were introduced by a homeless man on the L train. I laughed about that one for a while, and then I told @, who just kind of looked at me weird.

I should really consider keeping more of my thoughts to myself.

Other Things That May Happen on the Street
First, I agreed to work out with TR and G at 7am yesterday, which meant that I would need to wake up at 6am and be out the door by 6:15am in order to be downtown on time if I wanted to utilize cost-effective public transportation. Unable to fall asleep until 2am, I ignored my alarm, and by the time I actually looked at the clock, it was already 6:30am. Frenzied, I ran around my apartment gathering the necessarily items for my day, including something to wear to work. I had two requirements: 1) It had to be clean, or I had to be able to pass it off as clean (a little Febreze, anyone?); and 2) it had to be easy.

I chose a green shirt-dress. One piece, that's all, simple. It is, however, short. Not stripperella short, but short enough that in a more formal work environment, I may be questioned regarding the "appropriateness" of the length.

Whatever. Dressing provocatively at work has really never been my thing (except that one summer…). Anyway, with the help of a friendly, neighborhood cabbie, I managed to only be seven minutes late to my session with TR and G; we worked out; I showered and headed out in the direction of "The Association" all energized and afterglow-y.

What's the first thing I do when I get to work?

You guessed it!

I flashed @. Full frontal. Hell-O. OK... maybe it wasn't "full."

It was… of course… an accident.

So maybe the dress was a little shorter than I thought. I spent the rest of the day incessantly pulling the dress D-O-W-N… at the request/warning of @. She's somewhat traumatized and still contemplating whether or not she will file a complaint against my dress with HR.

And May I Just Say

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