Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Horror

I'm in the mood to compartmentalize... rather than spend precious time brainstorming some fancy schmancy theme to neatly tie my blog post together… in a bow. Pink! It’s a girl after all…

I just finished reading an article about hipster librarians. Please note that this article appeared in the Fashion & Style section. It taught me some new words: "literati" and "guybrarian," and was ever so helpful in my on-going quest to understand the Hipsters.

The downside: I woke up so late this morning that I didn’t even brush my hair (though that was also partially due to not being able to find my brush). The upside: Headbands.

I cut my finger last night while making chicken salad. It was inevitable. Give me a knife and I’ll cut myself… not on purpose. It’s becoming more and more apparent (evidence is mounting rapidly) that I am clumsy and accident-prone.

Also last night, I decided it was time to ix-nay the antique brass bed frame I have had for years. It was taking up too much room, but breaking that thing down, carrying it around my 130-degree apartment, and stuffing it into the big Murphy bed closet was no bueno. Now all of the items in the closet are in precarious positions. I have no doubt I will be woken up in the middle of the night someday in the near-ish future to the sounds of everything in the closet crashing to the ground. I’ll probably think it’s a B&E.

Then I watched Big Love. I heart HBO on Demand, but somehow, I seriously messed up my Tivo. I don't even know how to describe what happened, much less how to begin to fix it. As with most technology problems I have, I blame Comcast.

Sarah pointed out that I didn't mention in my last post that I worked with her at the Taste of Chicago on Sunday, which if you've never been, is a scary world filled with greasy food vendors and nearly nude men and women.

The Digits…
Reality settled in today… squarely on my shoulders. We are a mere five and a half weeks away from the Chicago Distance Classic… and I haven’t worked out since last Thursday. Worse still… I haven’t run since last Monday, when I struggled to finish a 45-minute run. It occurred to me later, after I passed out on my couch for two hours and woke up with a sore throat that perhaps I was getting sick. Not possible! I quickly Zicam-ed myself, but a mild cold hung on for a few days. Nothing that kept me from functioning, but still, I was pretty low energy. Because it was vacation, I treated myself to two sessions with TR (one alone and one with my sister as my workout buddy, which was fun… except for the part when TR kept asking me how I would feel if he was my brother-in-law).

Training Update
As I’ve mentioned, the training this summer has been really great. I am, by nature, not a perfectionist (understatement of the year!), so a bad week here, a missed run there, is not something I stress over too much. That’s life. If you can’t fit training into your life, then it’s not worth training. However, that said, while perusing 50 Down and Marathon Bound today (B-Kay’s blog; she’s in my running group), I had a minor heart attack when I read her training plan for this week in the Run #67 Steamy post.

To be fair, I also had a minor heart attack when Meg informed me via email that our run this weekend is 11 miles, not the 10 miles that I had expected. What?!?!?!? Did anyone ever think about easing us into the double digits?

The minor heart attacks continued (OK maybe I do have a theme today), when I stepped on the scale this morning. Apparently, eating ice cream six days in a row is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle, weight loss, or even matenience. Bad Lou. Go to Spin class.

Anyway, we (me and my other persona) are back on track today and will be attending our usual Tuesday night Spin class. Hopefully, I’ll sweat out some of what ever new strand of crazy this is.

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